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Gonye Proje Tasarim

Kitchen Design Special Contest  /  Completed
Gonye Proje Tasarim
Designing the 200m² apartment within the 38. Cadde Project, Gonye Project & Design enriched a modern design line with the choice of materials and fine details by giving priority to the visual design richness along with the functions.

The kitchen and living room doors opening to the entranceway were specially customized for the project in a way that it slides in the wall in order to avoid loss of space, featuring a complementary wood-coated panel and mirror sideboard.

The kitchen has been planned as three modules. A Cooking and preparing counter, fridge and built-in ovens along with the TV module and high shelves with a high storage module. Natural wood veneers are widely used both in the kitchen and the project. In the kitchen ash toned wood veneers has been used as a back panel connected with the Corian countertop. Lower cabinets with warm gray colored lacquer doors are combined well together with the calacatta-like floor ceramics. Upper cabinets are designed with both stained glass doors and dark tinted reflective glass doors. Also the high storage module has dark tinted reflective glass door.

All of this kitchen has been equipped with Gaggenau built-in appliances. A built-in oven with a warmer drawer, built-in microwave with black glass doors and single two-door fridge with freezer drawer in stainless steel.

Furnishing of the kitchen is also in a modern and elegant style; Philippe Starck design Italian brand Cassina chairs, Turkish brand Enne's dining table and Spanish brand Vibia's Flamingo pendant lighting.

As for the floor coverings in the apartment, while marble looking like ceramics were used in the entranceway, the night hall giving way to the bedrooms were covered with wooden parquet floor coverings to complement the bedrooms.

Considering that the apartment is 4+1, one room was designed as a living room featuring an L-shaped couch to host several guests conveniently as well as to provide the homeowners a cozy place to spend time. The bookshelf was enriched with brass materials in order to integrate with the three-dimensional stone coating, which is an imported material. Paying attention to the use of art works in all of its projects, Gonye Design worked on the Wall Art works placed across the entrance door and behind the couch in the living room, together with the sculptors, exclusively for the project.

Taking advantage of the natural light entering from both sides, dark colored fabric wallpapers with textile tissues were used on two walls. With the intention of creating modern and elegant spaces, imported furniture and custom made furniture designs with fine details featuring bronze metal, painted glass and leather coatings were used in the living room and bedroom.


 180 mq
 Yelin Evcen, Gönül Ardal, Meryem Kavaz, Burcu Dokgöz


The interior architecture office Gönye Proje Tasarım founded by Architect Yelin Evcen and Interior Architect Gönül Ardal with headquarters in Istanbul is realizing many interior architecture projects, particularly residence, collective housing and office projects in solution partnership with construction and real estate investment companies that they cooperate with.

Gönye Proje Tasarım realizes its projects by giving the venues they imagine a spiritual concept that results in customer satisfaction, with the target of creating good quality projects which are distinct from each other, and aims to create a difference in the sector with its functional and aesthetically designed projects.


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