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Shiva museum

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Sanjay Puri Architects
Designed on a small wedge shaped plot the Shiva Museum is a 7585 sq m building to be built by the Amber Development & Management Authority, Jaipur to impart knowledge on the mythological God Shiva who in Hindu mythology is known as the Creator.
Located in Jaipur city in Rajasthan , India. The museum is split into 2 wedge shaped areas allowing visitors to access the exhibition spaces on either side through a large walkway which acts as a community space for hosting activities. This walkway simultaneously frames an existing traditional temple at the rear instead of completely blocking its visibility from the main road if the building was one complete volume.
Proposed to be built in the regional sandstone available within a few kilometres from the site, the building opens up in the centre framing views of the temple beyond .
This entire open community space is skylit & naturally ventilated providing a sheltered open space in response to the hot desert climate of its location with temperatures in excess of 35°Celsius for 8 months annually.
Open bridges at upper levels connect the exhibition and museum spaces on either side creating the experience of moving indoors & outdoors sequentially.
Due to the small size of the building every part is made usable for facilitating communal activities.
The terrace on one side is used for harnessing solar energy whilst the other side is designed as an open garden area with a performance stage.
Three levels on either side of the sheltered walkway house museum & exhibition spaces as well as ancillary activities.
The entire walkway is designed with sandstone screens that form cuboids moving in and out organically creating a sculptural envelope for the space.
The wide stepped walkway acts as an open auditorium. It allows people to directly climb to the upper levels of the museum as well as access the existing temple beyond.
Each of the museum spaces is punctuated by small landscaped courts allowing indirect natural light within whilst creating a seamless flow of indoor & outdoor spaces.
The walk inside the museum spaces with exhibits & landscaped courts leading to the connecting bridges through the sky lit large walkway together create an interesting journey with varying compositions of open and enclosed spaces.
This entire interesting experience culminates in the roof top terrace garden which allows for small performances as well as relaxation spaces and a cafeteria offering views of the city.
The design takes cognizance of the requirements , the location of an existing temple, locally available materials and the climate to create a responsive contextual building for the community.


 Jaipur, Rajasthan
 Amber Development and Management Authority, Jaipur
 7585 mq
 Mr.Sanjay Puri, Ms.Suzanna Machado, Mr.Omkar Rane


Sanjay Puri , the Principal Architect of Sanjay Puri Architects, India has been a speaker and a judge at numerous international architecture events including the LEAF & WAF.
His firm founded in 1992, has won 114 international architecture awards including 5 Chicago Athenaeum Awards, 9 WAF Awards, 14 World Architecture Community U.K Awards, the LEAF , 5 Architizer Awards, 3 Hospitality Design Awards, 14 MIPIM Awards and several more.
His firm has successfully completed over 600 projects totaling over 60 million square feet.
Sanjay Puri and his firm of 72 architects now, continue their quest for creating sustainable design, charting new territories of spatial perception simultaneously imbibing the intrinsic values of Indian heritage & culture within their design solutions.


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