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Zhang Hai'ao

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Zhang Hai'ao

This project is featured a typical living pattern for Chinese young people living in the biggest cites, eg. Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Due to the expensive house price, most yonng people have to squeez into a small box. The young couple of this project is living in a 20sqm small box with a unusable second floor space. It is a super challenge for both architects and users to imagine the future living condition in China.It is the a huge step to introduce mechanical movable floor plate in the living condition. This tecnology has already been widly adpaded in the industry field. By using the movable floor plate , the whole architecture space could be totally transformed in such small space.
There are two floor plates in total. Each of them could be controled seperatly. Together with transformable furniture, one have totally different atmosphere depending on which mode is choosen.In total, we create 6 modes of combination of floor and furniture. They are Living mode, Gym mode, Bedroom mode, Working mode, Theatre mode and Multi-living mode. Of course, the users could also customize their very own combination as well.The stop point of the floor plates are controled by motos mounted on the top of the structure. The inner one could stay at 3 different height, while the other could stay at 5 different height. By make different combination of floors, one can have varies space with different height.
Living mode:When both two floor plates move up to the top, one can have a full height space for all kinds of living activities.
GYM MODE:At the same floor height, one can pull out the cabinet to get a small space for gym. Behind the cabinet is the small shelf for workout gears.
BEDROOM MODE:When the inner floor is at the top, the one next to the wind dropping to 0.45m height, one can use the floor plate as a bed.
THEATRE MODE:When the inner floor is at the top, the one next to the wind dropping to 0.75m height, together with the movable furniture, one can have a theatre experience.
WORKING MODE:When the both floors are at 1.05m height, one can have a special intimate space for working with tatami and wood surrounded.
MULTI-LIVING MODE:When the boh floors are at 1.9 m, one have have double sleeping space for the above and bellow. Maxium 8 people could squzzed into this small room.
We are challenging the most difficult obstacles facing the young people in China nowadys. How could we have a dignity life in the big city in such a small living space.We are not lacking the living space, but the innovative way of using it.


 Zhang Hai'ao
 Shanghai Huadu architecture&urban planning co.,ltd


Project leader: Zhang hai'ao
Project team: shanghai huadu architecture and urban planning co.,ltd.

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