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3ndy Studio

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3ndy Studio

This is a project for a rural village within the city, and it is a part of a bigger urban regeneration plan. Our suggestion, that has been approved successfully by the customer, is creating absolutely modern buildings and, in the meanwhile, perfectly integrating it with the surrounding landscape, by using materials and shapes optimally.
This area was used in the past for small scale agricultural activity. For the last two decades it was in a constant state of decay due to the loss of farming works, and the old abandoned buildings and barns had a strong impact in the surrounding environment. The Recovery Plan foresees the improvement of environmental quality, architectural and healthiness of the settlements.
The project preserves some of the old rural village’s aspects: first of all the central court, around which there are three houses and a common garage, and then the houses’ orientation that respect the cardinal axes, toward south all the living areas and toward north the sleeping areas.
Until now there are two houses and one garage built; the third house is planned being realized in the next 2 years. These houses want to orderly frame the countryside and to make it the main character of the project. The three mean volumes are linked to a fourth, which is smaller and emptied in order to have a green inner patio: the internal garden, that becomes in this way the heart of the building. All the domestic space take sunlight and peaceful view from this little patio, and no external noises disturb this private space.

Other salient features instead are modern, and respect the present needs and the aesthetic tastes: shapes like sculpted prisms, lack of any tiles, chimneys or coating that disturbs the pure white and the purity of the forms. During the building time, people looked astonished at this site, they often misunderstood the singular shape of the buildings and they looked at them so similar to meteorites fall to Earth. Somebody asked us what we were doing.
Actually, it’s very hard to find in this project the common elements of a traditional house: there are no windows or entrance doors visible from the street, the roof is completely hidden into the walls top and so on. At first glance, if you look at it from the street side, what you see is really far from the common idea of house, but when you enter the internal court, the sight view changes completely and you recognize the living spaces: you could see all the fragments finally rejoin each other. The scope of the project is to give an order to the architectural fragments, oriented towards a common court, so all the elements are oriented to the project heart.
This project represents both the willing of not falling into fallacy and the brave decision of making architecture without falling into the temptation of property speculation which has driven us to the degradation which is becoming more and more common and generate squares like bee hives and houses for a lot of people but with no individuality.

Ancient and modern, however, find a common language in the respect for the natural environment: all the buildings are single-storey and surrounded by evergreen trees and deciduous trees, according to an exact distribution indicated us by a botanic, as well as a common garden. The rural village contains the essence of the community family, a value that today in the fragmentation of our cities, is likely to be lost.


 3ndy Studio
 3ndy Studio
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Marco Mazzetto (1973) and Alessandro Lazzari (1972), right after achieving their master’s degree at the University of Architecture in Venice (IUAV), established in 2002 the 3ndy Studio in the province of Venice. Since the start, the activity of the Studio has been interested in planning, researching and implementing architectural projects involving different levels of design: from the objects up to the buildings and the urban planning.
The Studio also competes in national and international planning contests, obtaining various mentions and awards. Nowadays 3ndy Studio is a consolidate reality, which proudly boasts several successful works in Italy, and which represents a meeting point for skills and personalities.
Since 2011the Studio has been working also abroad, in Qatar, in Djibouti, and in the UAE, in important collaborations for the realization of interior design projects in major facilities for both residential and commercial & business purposes.

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