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The project stems from the idea of preserving as much as possible, the natural context in which it appears the lighthouse, starting from around the insistent vincolistic apparatus on the site: archaeological, maritime domain, constraint hydrogeolo-gical, landscape etc ...The main idea is to create a Lighthouse landscape hotel.According to this vision, the lighthouse will be interpreted as a benchmark for a less luxurious tourism which targets nature, water sports and hiking enthusiasts. In this sense the lighthouse would be a starting point to discover the wonders of the area. A simple place with essential services where the sound of the waves, the heat of the sun and the refined combination of architecture and landscape are the main source of entertainment for tourists.The main relationship between lighthouse and sea luxury hotel is given from the Functional Programme. In this way the ligh-thouse building is used as a reception and welcoming customers, the near building is used as technical room and the main fun-ction of the project is set in the new frontsea buiding in wich customers can arrive through a long elevated pedestrian walkway.People who arrive in the parking, can do check in in the lighthouse and go to the bedroom setted in the building over the sea. In this way we recreate a building in wich customers could sleep in luxury rooms, having breakfast,lunch or dinner, have a shower in the inner SPA Wellness center, relax themselves in internet point or the lecture rooms.
The idea for the project borns from a regeneration requirement of' idea of the public assets. There is a necessary conditions to obtain an "invisible", lightweight, sustainable and contextua-lized design,related to a basic oxymo-ron. The apparentlydual concept contra-dictory, of zero impact on the landscape and the need to show himself as the new face of the coastal landscape of Murro di Porco, translates into a plastic form with a strong character that looks totally on the sea at a lower level than the headlight structure, so that the building is hidden from view from the lighthouse and is just a glimpse of its coverage. This roof structure is physi-cally linked by a light wooden walkway with the lighthouse building which is the maingate project. The roof consists of a water mirror roof on which we obtained the practicable wooden tubs, like solarium, free access by the struc-ture and external users visitors. An elevated pedestrian walkway from the local stone, consisting of wood and metal, ends with the terrace overloo-king the sea to the East and along the way leaves from both sides appendices that constitute a system of paths and areas of public use relaxation. The wooden tanks that act as a solarium are located about 80 cm below the edge of the top cover in such a way that one does not perceive from outside and serve as balaustrade avoiding the use of addi-tional security metallic structure.




adg_arch DANILO DI LORENZO DI MICHELE; GUIDO IAMPIERI. -DANILO DI LORENZO DI MICHELE. -Architect, has worked for 12 years in the field of architectural design, interior design, urban and town planning; technical expert in Environmental Assessment (SEA - EIA), an expert in 3D modeling and prototyping of architectural models, designers, artist, collector. -GUIDO IAMPIERI. -Architect, working with various architectural firms deepening the theme of architectural composition; technical manager at the firm Delfino Sport (specializing in the construction of swimming pools and sports facilities), which specializes in environmental certifications (SEA - EIA).

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