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The development of Sun City Spa Resort is situated in Sotera, a town in the Famagusta District of Cyprus island. The land of the development is located opposite a unique sandy Blue-Flag beach within walking distance from the historic Chapel of Saint Thekla, Cape Greco nature reserve and Macronissos beach which contributed in the design inspiration. The development includes a five star luxury hotel, apartments and villas in a unified composition which is oriented towards sea view.
The concept of the design proposal is based on the absolute integration of sea view and the visual distinction between private and common areas while it aims to challenge the typical form of Cypriot hotels. In addition to this, the incorporation of innovative design and construction strategies has facilitated the generation of avant-garde form-finding. The optimization of rooms’ orientation towards the sea, the counterbalance of private and public space and the organic continuity of circulation between the exterior and interior space guided the form of this development.
The organization of common areas in relation to hotel rooms characterizes the form of the main building of hotel and apartments. The curvilinear continuous front facade towards the street is inspired by the coastal line and its volume accommodates the common areas in a distinctive volume. This curvilinear form conceptually ‘’holds’’ the two wings of the hotel and the apartments while it configures the entrance lobby towards the street. During night time its perforated facade illuminates the building. At its corners, this curvilinear envelope incorporates two outdoor gardens that generate micro-climate near the adjacent spaces of hotel and apartments, suitable for the warm climate of the island. Hence, these gardens enhance the quality of adjacent interior space and create a landscape for the users with infrastructure like amphitheater and exterior bar. Sun city development aims to offer its services to the guests and residents with the use of a wide range of accommodation options. The hotel will have four restaurants, conference hall, dance hall, wellness centre with indoor swimming pool, external pools, tennis court and many more facilities. The external pools are distributed at the centre of the concave shape of the overall development in three levels.
The residential part of the development includes villas and a multi-storey apartment building whose form is integrated in the design and the general master plan of the hotel. The residential design of Sun City mansions development follows the overall design concept with compact white volumes oriented towards sea view in relation to the exterior hotel facilities but with private courtyards designed according to their plot size. The gradual articulation of levels of the landscape around the swimming pool creates an adventurous, harmonic and private exterior space.
The general construction system is reinforced concrete besides the curvilinear steel structure of the hotel's facade. The concrete and brick structure is insulated on the exterior while photo-voltaic systems are integrated on the roof of the hotel, apartments and mansions to deliver, in terms of energy efficiency, an A category bio-climatic building. For instance the mansions' roof-slap have a planar inclined part that accommodates the infrastructure of photo-voltaic and solar system.
The overall design of Sun City aims to deliver an integrative system of functional, bio-climatic touristic and residential facilities in a unified system.


 22.000 mq
 Elina Pattichi
 Maria Siakalli Pattichi, Eutixia Mastora, Kilian Lopez, Andri Paradopoulou.
 Andreas Pattichis, In cooperation with Thrassou Bros & Associates - Structural engineering: Thrassou Bros & Associates - Mechanical Engineering: Giorgos Elias mechanical & energy engineers - Electrical Enginneering: Dimitris Liotatis - Interior design: Pericles Liatsos designers - Project manager: Panos Samatas


EPArchitects is an internationally recognized architectural design firm working on a wide scope of projects,inspired by the interest in advanced digital-design techniques for the development of innovative,avant-garde, sustainable and structurally efficient architectural designs. Each project is approached in a visionary way, as a territory transformed by the parameters of urban and physical environment, program and interior requirements, materiality and tectonics. The firm received six awards in open architectural competitions and has undertaken high-rise projects through closed competitions. The firm gained international attention when Footbridge-C (1st award in open competition) received the Special Judges’ Recognition at the International 2013-MIPIM-Architectural Review-Future Project Awards competition.



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