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Pca Architecture

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Pca Architecture
The project on 0,86 acres is located in Malaysia, inside a high-end gated area, just next to a prominent Golf course. The client required to organize a plot of land with prestigious pavilion and recreational parts: a regenerative retreat and a structure that could release expansiveness and enclosure, simple but elegant, in order to suggest beauty. The challenge was to capture the essence of the ‘place’, proposing tropical topics with essential modern idiom. Simplicity characterizes each phase of the design development, ensuring a contemporaneous statement, attuned to the natural setting. Clear lines, long horizontal language express the precise geometry of the overall project and the pavilion. A sartorial work, tailored to the context, deeply embedded with the manicured flat lawn. A sequence of travertine slates wraps the building, asserting the organic presence, adding an exquisite textural quality to the bold form and smoothing with warm nuances the geometrical rigor. Travertine extends to steps and internal floor, exalting with neutral tones an elegant, relaxing atmosphere. Local materials as limestone, wood are combined and highlighted by crisply detailed steel finishes. Compact and porous, the structure, located at a transitional, interactive space among two complementary sides of the park (pool and tennis court), opens up at the center with interruptions of large double glazing sliding doors, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside and offering a good cross ventilation. Sitting in the spacious, open living-dining, core of the pavilion, is possible to fully enjoy the close connection and dialogic interaction of this permeable ambience, having the feeling to sip a glass of wine and chat immerged in the park. In order to maximize the internal ventilation and the view on the pool, the building has been located slightly elevated at the culmination of an entry sequence of few, mild steps. Nestled on a granite water-feature basement, it seems to float, hovering above the strip of fluid current. A seemingly endless rhythm of running water, from the sprightly jets along the granite fencing wall of the property, acts in unison to perform a miracle of freshness, provoking and renewing emotions. At night the orchestration of water and light creates a scenographic scenario. The indoor and outdoor unfold according a play of rectilinear key areas, harmoniously interacting together: sensorial suggestions, emphasized through visual associations, amplify as ripples the physical pleasure to feel the nature.
Separate and more private, with respect to the social central part, is the lateral section designated for invited guests, even if it maintains glimpses of the garden.
The opposite wing is reserved for a luxurious Spa, with steam bath, massage corner and ‘cascata’ showers. Large glass openings ensure the feeling to cure the body into the context of nature; privacy is guaranteed by strategic green screen partitions. To not interrupt this consonance with nature, for the wellness walls has been used stone or off form concrete. The escape will help to feel well and to regenerate after the stress of a working day. Attentive dedication has been given to design lighting, natural and artificial, in order to keep untouched the overall atmosphere of calm, rhythmically enhancing the belt of fluidity that embraces and nurtures as vital lymph the composition.


 310 mq
 Paolo Cucchi - Virginia Cucchi
 Structural Engineers: TLK Sdn Bhd - Landscape: PCA ARCHITECTURE - Interior Design: PCA ARCHITECTURE - Lighting: PCA ARCHITECTURE
 Marmi: TECNOMARMO di D e L Santini; Decorative Lighting: VIABIZZUNO/BOFFI/DAVIDE GROPPI; Sanitary Fittings: GESSI/NEUTRA/BOFFI; Metal Work : OGH Sdn Bhd; Glass: MEGAGLASS Sdn Bhd;Doors: COMMIT INTERIOR; Furniture: POLIFORM/HENGE/MINOTTI; Kitchen Equipment
 Virginia Cucchi


PCA is a multi-disciplinary architectural practice established in 1987, based in Italy and Malaysia.
Paolo Cucchi is the founding principal and design director of PCA Architecture. He obtained his Master of Architecture Degree at I.U.A.V. – University of Architecture of Venice.
The commitment is to produce architecture of quality, with attention to detail and exploration of materials. An architecture conceptually innovative, functional and concern of context and sustainability, that resonates with the specificity of place and purpose. The firm operates at different levels: the project types vary from private residences, office to apartment towers, hotels, public buildings and urban planning, embracing interior design, reuse and preservation.



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