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DIAMOND DAZZLE Oriental Plaza Flagship Store

Cristofori Santi Architetti

Retail  /  Completed
Cristofori Santi Architetti
The Diamond store in Beijing Oriental Plaza, one of the most important shopping mall in the city of Beijing, is the first store of the Brand designed with the new image defined for the brand.
The new concept is designed to accomplish the brand will of communicate also in the stores the high-end and luxurious feeling of the product, which is dedicated to a refined and international lady that looks for timeless dresses without forgetting fashion.
With this purpose, the idea at the base of the architectural space is of recreating an aristocratic European palace made of different rooms, connected by brass portals. Each room has a different ceiling, enriched with gypsum frames with a traditional motif, and a floor with a decoration representing a stylized diamond, that can be obtained or with stone inserts or with a carpet. In Beijing store, the sequence of room articulates a deep and narrow space and the depth of the brass portals, due to huge pillars included in the space, is used to create focus displays for clothes and accessories.
The hanging bars are realized with a simple frame in “pale gold” finishing, inserted in a niche or built like a cage and put in front of a panel to create a focus. The focus panels can be marble or a gypsum curtain, that mimics the curtains of an aristocratic house. The loose fixtures are realized with the same metal frame painted in white or with marble parallelepiped, to create a luxury surface where to display the dresses or small items.
The colors of the space is a warm grey enriched with soft pink and white touches, so to create a very feminine and rich environment.
The façade has a frame and a background for the logo of the same brass of the portals, to communicate the richness and elegance of the brand. The windows are mostly transparent, so to let the inside of the store visible from outside, with a background element for the mannequins realized with a white and a black stone staggered, so to change the color of the background according to the approaching side.
The lighting design integrates seamlessly with the shapes, creating superimposed layers of light: it illuminates the space, emphasising the architecture and the finish of the setting and, at the same time, it showcases the garments and accessories on display, using accent lighting to enhance colours and materials. Here then, light plays a key role, completing and enhancing the architectonic setting, and ensuring that Diamond Dazzle’s consumers enjoy a pleasant in-store shopping experience.


 Beijing - China
 Dazzle Fashion Group
 392 mq
 Cristofori Santi Architetti
 Giacomo Cristofori, Marialisa Santi, Tamara Aeri, Silvia Bertacco, Giuseppe Romano, Anna Casera
 Santos Interiors
 Rossi Lighting (Lighting Designer), Very Space Design (Local Architects)
 Reggiani Illuminazione, Bianchi F.lli, Cantù (Co)
 Dazzle Fashion Group; Cristofori Santi Architetti


Lo studio Cristofori Santi Architetti nasce da una collaborazione iniziata nel 2005 tra gli architetti Giacomo Cristofori e Marialisa Santi e opera negli ambiti architettura, progettazione di interni, retail e restauro del moderno. Si avvale delle professionalità complementari di architetti interni e di un network internazionale di tecnici e consulenti. In oltre sei anni di consulenza per lo studio Vudafieri Saverino Partners, operano costantemente sul cliente Tod’s; prendono parte alla progettazione, direzione creativa, sviluppo e realizzazione del concept per negozi di marchi internazionali come Costume National, Kenzo, Jimmy Choo, Loewe, MetersBomwe, Miele, Stroili Oro, Versace.
Numerosi sono i progetti realizzati in Italia, in Europa, negli USA e nell’est asiatico (Cina e Indonesia), dove CSA opera regolarmente dal 2008. I progetti coniugano creatività, concretezza, semplicità e si distinguono per l’accuratezza, la ricerca del supporto artigianale, il gusto della contaminazione.


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