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Cyberjaya Mosque

ATSA Architect Sdn Bhd / Ar. Azim Tan Sri A. Aziz

Public Space  /  Completed
ATSA Architect Sdn Bhd / Ar. Azim Tan Sri A. Aziz
Work on the design of the Cyberjaya Mosque began in early 2012, following the award of the commission to ATSA Architects. The mosque’s design was inspired by the bespoke design of the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur that was completed in 1965. The Cyberjaya Mosque is was completed in 2015, which had also coincide with the 50th anniversary of the opening of the iconic Masjid Negara in Kuala Lumpur.

With a capacity of about 8,300 people, the mosque is designed to be more than a place of worship, as it will also be used as a local centre for Islamic activities. It is situated on a 100 acre site which will eventually become an integral part of the new Islamic University of Malaysia campus. W&W Architect is responsible for the design of the university campus’ master plan, which also includes the mosque’s location. The layout concept is based on a Pending, or a royal belt buckle.

The design of the mosque is contemporary modern and incorporates traditional Islamic design elements. The goal of the design is to portray Islam as a progressive religion, as well as reflecting the simplicity and purity of modern Malaysian mosque architecture. The mosque was designed in line with the vision of Cyberjaya being a green city of the future. The main emphasis of the design is towards a modern approach rather than the conventional postmodern typology, emphasising the building’s sustainability elements, but retaining the spiritual design essence of Islam.

The ethos behind the mosque’s design is to ensure that it will be a truly sustainable building and that it will ultimately become a model for the design and building of future mosques in Malaysia. As such, the design adheres to the highest rating level, namely the Platinum rating of the Green Building Index (GBI) standard, incorporating recyclable materials, and energy efficient equipment to minimise energy usage to reduce its running costs. It will be one of the first mosques in the world to use solar panels to generate electricity and subscribing to a FIT scheme. The energy generated and supplied to the national grid will contribute to the country’s supply for renewable energy.

The mosque’s main prayer hall has been designed to be air -conditioned for two hours during Friday prayers and during prayers of other special Islamic occasions. At other times, it is envisaged that fans and ventilators will be sufficient to sustain an average daytime temperature of 26 degrees Celsius within the mosque’s main prayer hall. A large central courtyard with a tall signature tree situated before the main prayer hall is also designed to facilitate both natural ventilation and natural lighting to the floors above.

The mosque’s unique dome is perhaps one of its most innovative elements. The single dome is situated over the enclosed main prayer hall, and formed by the use of double glazed Low-E glass, providing both shade and a source of natural light. Rising hot air is extracted and released through ventilators positioned at the top of the dome’s underside and just below its pinnacle, thus releasing trapped hot air and reducing the temperature in the prayer hall. Retractable blinds will provide further shade when needed, so as to prevent direct sunlight in the main prayer hall

An iconic, five-tiered, slender minaret made of steel standing 27 metres high is situated at the front of the plaza, with an ablution area located below. The five tiers of the steel structure symbolise the five pillars of Islam


 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia
 Jabatan Agama Islam, Selangor
 11158.36 mq
 Ar. Azim Tan Sri A. Aziz
 ATSA Architect Sdn Bhd
 Cyberview Sdn Bhd
 Civil & Structure : Ingeniur Bersekutu ; Mechanical &Electrical: Saga Jurutera Perunding Sdn Bhd; Quantity Surveyor: Perunding Kos Putra Sdn Bhd
 ATSA Architect Sdn Bhd


ATSA Architects is located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, in KL and it is one of the most highly computerized medium sized architectural firms in Malaysia. ATSA has a fully networked, Server base computer system that allows its staff to access architectural drawings from different terminals. We have invested heavily on our computer hardware and original software in order to serve our clients better.

At ATSA, it has been our philosophy to provide solutions that build successful buildings that are design excellence, memorable and timeless. We believed in responsible business. We inscribe timeless progression and innovation into our designs and sustainability as our design aesthetics.

ATSA Architects an award winning architectural and dynamic practice, established in 1992. Established by its founding members; Azim A Aziz and Zulqaisar Hamidin. Provides a variety of design services in Architecture, Urban Design, Master Planning, Interior Design and Project Management.



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