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A Tasarim Mimarlik - Ali Osman Ozturk

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A Tasarim Mimarlik - Ali Osman Ozturk
Project Area is located in Söğütözü and Söğütözü was a region where a rural area on the western axis of the city in 1950s. Before construction of Armada, this region of the city was exhibiting distributed, but undefined structuring that might be characterized as serving to small industry. Although the region is close to the city center, its development could not be accomplished along with the city. Any urban texture was not available at that time. No sooner was Armada construction initiated, and then the region has gained a meaning. Structures such as office, hotel, hospital, education and cultural centers have disseminated in neighboring areas in due course. The structure has created a value in the region. The topography has taken on a new significance.
The Armada Shopping and Trade Centre was one of the first high-rise buildings to be erected along the development strip on the west corridor of Ankara. Beyond being a business and commercial center, the building has functioned as an urban generator and has helped define the developments. The building, a business and commercial center, was inaugurated in September 2002, and was designed as a refined and appealing shopping and trade center distinguished from buildings of similar function.
The thought of creating a green axis was came up during design of Armada. After grand opening of Armada, Ali Osman Ozturk moved his design office to Armada. Thereby, the design team got the chance to see requirements of users personally.
In parallel to the developments following the shift of Ankara city center towards the western axis, new urban development started in the concerned area. As more and more residential houses and public buildings were constructed on the western axis, new social facilities were also needed. Despite of increase in construction, lack of pedestrian areas became an issue of area. For that matter, the biggest start point of Armada Extension Project is to create a pedestrian axis between phase 1 and 2 of Armada.
The pedestrian way (now it’s Armada Life Street) was already stated on the municipality master plan in that period. Necessary approvals were obtained and design of Armada Life Street was included to expansion project scope.
At the first stage, Armada expansion project and the life street was constructed. later on, a street was implemented with 40m width and 185 m length.
The pedestrian side was constructed using the top-down method, instead of the conventional bottom-up technique. Firstly, piling process was completed. After completion of upper flooring, excavation was made towards the bottom side. Two buildings were connected with closed car parking areas at the basement floors. Both sided of street covered with food and beverage places and a square designed at the center of street and entry line of buildings.
Initiated with Armada extension project, the pedestrian alley project shall affect neighboring parcels in near future. Street oriented utilization is proposed in the scope of these structures. This project serves as a guide in terms of surrounding architectural structures. Now, Armada Life Street is a landmark of city and hosts lots of open air activities.
2015 ICSC European Shopping Centre Awards Refurbishments and Expansion Winner
2014 MAPIC Award Best Refurbished Shopping Centre
2005 ICSC International Design and Development Award
2004 ICSC European Shopping Centre Award


 Ankara, Turkey
 Sogutozu Construction and Management Inc.
 6610 mq
 A Tasarim Mimarlik - Ali Osman Ozturk
 Ali Osman Öztürk, İrem Aker Büyükkalay, Niyazi Ayvaz, Aslı Altıntaş, Eser Çengel, Harun Karabulut, İlhan Şimşek, Mehmet Güner, Meltem Öztürk, Nurten Asil, Nil Ece İnce, Tuncay Kaya, Canan Karakaya
 Sogutozu Construction and Management Inc.
 Structural Engineer: Yüksek Project Mechanical Engineer: Metta Engineering Electrical Engineer: Akay Engineering Landscape: Promim Urban and Environmental Design Construction Supervisor: Sonay Ozar Fire Consultant: Karina Leasing Consultant: Jones La
 Sogutozu Construction and Management Inc.
 Fethi Mağara, A Tasarim Mimarlik, Armada Management


Born in 1965, Ali Osman Öztürk graduated from the Middle East Technical University Department of Architecture, pursuing his master’s degree in the same department with a thesis called “The City as a Meeting Place.” Employed as research assistant at METU design studios between 1987 and 1993, he then worked as a part-time instructor until 1997 at METU and, the following year, he instructed at Gazi University. During this period, Öztürk took an active role on revolving funds projects in Middle East Technical University. In 1997, Ali Osman Öztürk founded his own firm, A Tasarım Mimarlık, and completed many significant and prestigious projects. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the Chamber of Architects Turkey, Turkish Association of Architects in Private Practice, METU Faculty of Architecture, and Arkitekt magazine. A Tasarım Mimarlık: 'The Architecture of Ali Osman Öztürk' book is published as part of The Master Architect Series in 2014


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