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Vida arkitektkontor

Interior / Completed
Vida arkitektkontor

In the industrial harbor area Frihamnen, Stockholm’s most noticeable logistics company Ryska Posten gave Vida arkitektkontor the assignment to shape their new home. On a basically square floor plan spanning approx 2000 sq m Vida arkitektkontor created an office complex that has the feel and function of a mini village. Closed and open areas interact and interweave to give this young company the possibility to continue evolve, grow and have great fun at work.
The massive square outline of the office made it extra important to work with distinctive sight- and light lines. Transparent materials such as glass wall systems and see-through expanded metal panels were used throughout and with it the design reached the prerequisite sense of togetherness for the employees.
Specific design elements including Conference room lighting and storage systems were designed and produced by Vida arkitektkontor.
The existing concrete floor slabs were treated and polished for industrial wear and tear which means you can basically bicycle straight up into the office. The bike-Messengers can then grab the package they're supposed to deliver and head on out again.
The big centre plaza is adapt to house big gatherings and can easily be rearranged for semi-public venues like fashion shows, live concerts, rallies and the likes.
Every conference room interior has its own individual character. The thematic has evolved from different freight labels like “handle with care”, “poste diplomatique” and the likes.
A huge storage- and repacking cage surrounded by yellow expanded metal dominates the centre of the floor plan. The placement and design of this central element makes it obvious to employees and visitors what the heart and core of both the company and the office are.
In the conference village each conference hut is built around a skylight and therefore the windows reverse the normal spread pattern of Daylight making it flow from the inside- to the outside of the house.


 Ryska Posten
 Vida arkitektkontor
 Leonardo Beccari, Erik Berndtsson, Mathias Wagmo, Ellen Westerin, Victoria Söderlindh
 FSG Entreprenad
 Robin Hayes


Robin Hayes is a reknowned architectural photographer based in Sweden.

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