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Abramson Teiger Architects
Echoing the grandeur of the Teton Mountain Range whilst seamlessly inhabiting the adjacent grassland, the Wyoming Residence exhibits a conscientious marriage of form and material. The property’s zoning restrictions were artfully managed with careful assimilation into the natural landscape. The result is an inspired expression of fluid yet layered space that collaborates with the surrounding beauty. With respect to the sloping meadow on which the structure sits, the home is designed to coexist and therefore never breaks the ridgeline. The home manages to feel stately and striking at the entrance, but is hidden from view looking down the meadow and up from the valley floor. The design required minimal alteration of the site, a notable accomplishment in land preservation. To maintain the natural grade, the structure is elevated and cantilevered at the slope and is held up by columns which needed only a small amount of foundation work. The only major land disturbance occurs in the recessed garage, which has been supplemented with a green roof on top to preserve the meadow. With such a remarkable habitat, the home also features details like an indoor-outdoor bathroom that further incorporate the exterior landscape.

With consideration of the surrounding ski destinations, a utilitarian mudroom was constructed with functional details, such as a built-in ski boot warmer and ample storage. Additionally, the client possessed a collection of art to be placed in the home, which was meticulously considered in the design process. Drywall was used exclusively and deliberately to hang the artwork to each piece's necessary measurement. An art gallery was designed with low windows to allow natural light to permeate while protecting the sensitive art from harmful direct sunlight. It is these careful details that, in combination with the striking lineation of the home, create a harmonious alliance of function and design.

Almost every material implemented in this home was done so to create a maintenance-free space that withstands the weather and betters with age. Cor-Ten steel acts as the primary exterior material. Subtle design features in the steel paneling of the guest wing create notable results; every other panel is slightly offset to create visual and unexpected interest. Architectural panel-formed concrete was poured on-site and can be seen on the exterior and interior walls. Polished concrete is the principal floor material, poured in one complete level throughout the entire property, as the owners wanted no stairs or steps. Low-maintenance wood paneling adds warmth and dimension on the ceilings and accent walls. The home is topped off with a sustainable zinc roof that will last for decades with little to no maintenance.

This home proudly features environmentally activated and sustainable elements, many of which make this property a pioneer in the region. Eco-friendly hydronic in-floor radiant heating warms the home in the cold winter months. A geothermal system makes use of the natural temperature difference in the earth to heat and cool the home. A rain screen system is utilized to minimize thermal bridging from the exterior steel cladding.


 Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
 Client wishes to remain anonymous
 622 mq
 Trevor Abramson, David Pascu
 Mihai Ivan, James Kennedy
 David Agnello


The architectural work of Abramson Teiger Architects is both viscerally and pragmatically derived. The coexistence of emotion and utility is the bedrock of our firm, giving way to designs that richly inspire and engage the end user. We are committed to a practice that evokes the essence of human balance by exploring many dimensions of architectural thought. We believe in form and in function, in leveraging old schools of thought with boldness of new. We are rooted in intuitive human centricity but push the boundaries of outward possibility. Our 23-person team works on a myriad of projects, from workplaces, schools and places of worship to custom primary and secondary residences—each addressing the explicit and unspoken needs of the project while maintaining common denominators, such as abundant natural light, sweeping views and open floor plans. We strive to create architecture that instantly and permanently elevates and inspires a meaningful, soulful human experience.


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