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Sepang House

Eleena Jamil Architect

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Eleena Jamil Architect
The Sepang House is a single family house located in Sepang, about 60 kilometres outside the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. It has a built-up area of 450 metres square and it sits on 920 square metres piece of flat land. The design brief calls for a moderate size detached house with an outdoor pool. The owners also wanted a large and sheltered outdoor space to enjoy the pool and garden. Another criteria had been the inclusion of a roof terrace high enough from which to view a nearby lake.

The Sepang House is defined by a large sheltering roof with deep overhangs, shaded terraces and balconies along its edges. It uses raw concrete, bricks and wood to develop a material language that echoes its tropical setting. Different materials are used to distinguish different elements of the house. For example, raw exposed concrete is used for all external walls, bricks for spine walls that runs along the centre of the house, and timber for roof structures, ceilings and the floor. All other surfaces are plastered and painted white. This approach to materiality creates a richness of texture in the house - an interesting background for contemporary family life.

The design of the house is driven by the desire for the main living areas to face the cool and shaded north direction and the garden. In order to achieve this, spaces are organized along a pair of central brick spine walls that runs east and west. Staircases are placed between these walls. Main spaces such as living, dining, guest and master bedrooms are organized to the north of the spine walls, whereas the kitchen and other bedrooms to the south. Openings in the spine walls and multiple double height volumes create opportunities for visual and acoustic connections within the house and outdoors, making the house feel more intimate and warm. The top most floor is a large room with low sloping roof which can be used as a gym or an office. From this point in the house, views to a nearby lake is possible.

The main living areas on the ground floor are directly connected to a large outdoor terrace that cantilevers over the pool. The master and attic bedrooms are also connected to terraces. They mediate between the inside and outside spaces and provide the occupants with shaded cool spaces outdoors, a necessity in the hot humid climate of the tropics. Where possible, windows are placed at opposing ends in a room or space to encourage cross ventilation.


 Sepang, Malaysia
 450 mq
 Eleena Jamil Architect
 Eleena Jamil, Yusri Amri Yussoff
 TH Tham Engineering Sdn Bhd
 Marc Tey Photography


EJA was formed in 2005 by Eleena Jamil and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has a breadth of experience in delivering successful and imaginative projects. With a dynamic and committed team of architects and assistants, it focusses on creating enduring architecture by seeking tactile spatial solutions with strong references to context and culture.


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