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Gandra House

raulino silva architect

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raulino silva architect
The House in Gandra on the right bank of the Cávado River is placed next to a metal bridge that connects the village Fão to the small city Esposende in the North of Portugal.
The family house with a single floor is the last building before the protected area of the watercourse banks of the Cávado River.
The implementation of the house allows the shelter of the pool area and the kitchen porch from the northern winds, very common in this region of Portugal.
The access of Ribeira Street to the garage and the main entrance of the house is conducted on the East zone with a black concrete floor, allowing opening views for the Cávado River in the west and south area of the house with the pool and the garden.
The inner organization has as its reference point on the center aisle that is illuminated by the Olive Tree courtyard which communicates with all spaces. In the front of the house we have a wide space with the main room (living room and dining room) and the kitchen that communicates with a backyard barbecue area.
In the West area of the house, we have two single bedrooms, chairing one bathroom (with washbasin, toilet, bidet and bath), and one suite with a private closet and a private bathroom (with washbasin, toilet and shower base). In the East area of the house, we have the office that can be used as a bedroom, the laundry for washing clothes and one sanitary (with and toilet). In the North area of the house, we have a closed garage, for three vehicles and the technical area with the equipment of the house and also a storage space.
The construction of the house was realized with a reinforced concrete structured, with thermal block walls and with a slab lightened floor. The pool is constructed in reinforced concrete with a white canvas finishing.
About the house finishing materials, the inside walls and ceilings are covered in plasterboard with hidden lighting and the outside have a continuous coating with the ETICS system with white trim. The interior woodwork of the house (doors, cabinets and footers) are held in MDF finished in high gloss lacquer.
The main space is covered with a compact eucalyptus flooring, except for bathrooms and laundry which are coated with white marble slabs from Greece, the kitchen that is covered with silestone Zeus along the bench and the garage and the engine room that have a black concrete floor. In the garden we have sown grass and small shrubs and flowers.


 Gandra, Esposende, Portugal
 379.00 mq
 Raulino Silva
 Hélder Silva, Daniela Amorim and Cátia Sampaio
 Sociedade de Construções Silfermat
 João Morgado


Raulino Silva was born Vila do Conde is an architect by ESAP.
The architectural office is located in Vila do Conde, Portugal.

1st Prize in the "Baku International Architecture Award 2015" with the "Cemetery Expansion";
Finalist Award in the “Next Landmark in 2015” with Gandra House;
Nominated for the “Prémios Construir 2014” with “Capela S. Passos”, “Cemetery Expansion”, and “Bagunte House”;
Selected for the “Architecture Award Enor 2014” with “Cemetery Expansion”;
3rd Prize in the "Baku International Architectural Award 2013" with the “Equipment to Work Events II”;
Finaliste Award in the “Next Landmark 2013” with “Touguinhó House II”;
2nd place in the contest "Shops Grant in Vila do Conde Market";
Finalist for the “National Architectural Prize in Madeira in 2011”, with Wood Structures;
2nd Prize in Architecture Photography Competition "Arménio Losa";
Honourable Mention in the II Contest “Arquitectura e Vida 2004”;
2nd place in Bergamo Architecture Prize 2003


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