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Reale Farmacia Toschi


Retail  /  Completed
The first relation is to determine a principle of interaction between the public and the content of the exhibition area which can diversify the reading of the "pharmacy" depending on the level of detail that the user wants to verify. It will be possible to choose between a macro organic reading that is offered to all users through the general set-up and a more in-depht reading level, which targets the most involved people, through the use of communicative materials.
The second choice is to preserve the ancient Pharmacy as a place of historic conservation, where the theme of memory prevails and the pure image of the past evokes the uniqueness of this place in the present time. This combination of spaces (narration vs representation) becomes decisive for the result of the project because it allows a connection between a space conceived on a logic of innovation (new part) with a space that is based on a logic of stability.
Directions, circularity and space are ways to display and to install the time inside the pharmacy. The connections between the rooms, so the route, don't impose an obligatory and chronological way, that's why there are different entrance and exit. The customer is not obliged to visit the entire exhibition but he can choose which of the room wants to visit–(the idea of a contemporary museum).
Is to underline that the old part is facing the street, so the museum becomes visible to the citizens and it will become a place where people can, in addition to the visit, participate to follow-up meetings on issues related to drugstore and to artistic performances.


 Farmacia Toschi
 350 mq
 Simone Gheduzzi, Nicola Rimondi, Gabriele Sorichetti
 Francesco Abenante, Marco Ciavatti, Emanuele Dionigi
 Th. Kohl
 Giovanni Bortolani


Simone Gheduzzi, Nicola Rimondi and Gabriele Sorichetti
Bologna | 2003
The studio conducts multidisciplinary research, giving form to the encounter of types of knowledge and creating an ongoing dialogue between architectural theory and practice; composition is conceived as a dynamic relationship between theme and program, experiencing the relation with form and concentrating on aspects connected with the metaphor of composition, moving towards an ideal of quality that combines the environment with a positive vision of reality. The goal is the creation of a relational aesthetic. Empathetic.
They exposed their work at the Italian Pavillion at the London Festival of Architecture, at the Shanghai Expo and at the 12th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice Biennale. They presented their work in several lectures, both single and collective, in Italy and abroad.



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