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Wen Sheng Lee Architects & Planners
1. Interconnection of two generations
2. Interconnection of spaces
3. Interconnection of urban and mountain
4. Interweaving design corresponds with surroundings

Due to the development of society, the lifestyle of Taiwanese has changed. Based on the traditional Taiwanese culture, the young families typically live with their parents for taking care of them as they get older; but because of western influence, the young generation has been following the modern western trend of nuclear family style for living freedom. To fulfill the dual needs of living desires yet have independent space, Architect Lee proposed upper and lower floor idea in one dwelling unit to create independent living spaces for both senior and young generations respectively but still offer common shared spaces such as living room, kitchen and dining room for them to enjoy family time together. Architect Lee believed that the relationship between family members can remain intimate and close while still providing individual privacy in this design.

The five-story housing project that went beyond tradition and created a new living spatial trend for the residents - 4 personalized units accommodating individual spatial needs. The feature of this design offers two-floor of space in each unit, used layering and interlocking method, inspired by the beauty form of adjacent mountain ranges, to accommodate the privacy for individual generation independence but still offer common shared spaces for time together.

The project is located in the most desirable living location of Taipei City. To interconnect urban setting and mountains, the housing was designed as an organic sculpture with vegetation growing out from the rock. The facade design has intertwining and layering effect, representing the beauty of mountain scenery. All the crossing joints of interweaving, placement of materials, and aesthetic proportion on the facade were carefully put together to reduce the pressure impact to the city and to harmonize the building with mountains. The crossing points formed into terraces and balconies for planting and living activities.

This idea is not about form but also function. Wide and deep balconies and terraces are like transitional points between indoor and outdoor spaces to address excessive direct heat transmission coming from west. These balconies and terraces also ensure the privacy for the residents, as well as providing exterior landscape view frames for the dwellers.

The facade design was inspired by the texture of tree bark. Architect Lee designed facade finish with vertical cut pattern on textured stone veneer. The design of engraved stone captures the movement of light and shadow forming a unique pattern that no elsewhere can be found. As the light and shadow are changing, projecting onto the stone finish, it seems like there is a conversation between them in time and space.


 Taipei City, Taiwan
 We and Win Development
 2407.64 mq
 Wen Sheng Lee
 Yu-Wei Lee, Huei-Ping Chen, Yin-Chin Tsao, Shih-Ming Tsai, Chung-Yang Lin, Chen-Hui Huang
 Chi-Ming Wu


Wen Sheng Lee Architects and Planners is located in Taipei City, Taiwan and was founded by Architect Wen Sheng Lee in year 2000. The design philosophy of the firm is to realize nature combined with people-oriented thinking, incorporate and emphasize the subtle details of the inner character and then to pursue innovative design. Architect Lee also lectured part-time at universities and was invited to Japan, Czech Republic, and Australia as an expert architectural guide. The works of Wen Sheng Lee Architects and Planners are many and diverse, covering the fields of architecture, interior, and landscape designs. The types of projects include display house, religious, commercial, residential, and hospitality designs, and the works of the firm have been recognized by iF Awards (Germany), Good Design Awards (Japan), Dedalo Minosse (Italy), Design for Asia (Hong Kong), International Property Awards (Asia Pacific), ADA Award (Taiwan), and many other national architectural awards.


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