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Wall House - Singapore
By Redazione The Plan -
Farm Studio’s design for Wall House in Singapore creates a single house from two independent homes, using a series of open spaces to divide and link sections. For both homes, the ground floor is the living area, with cooking, dining, relaxing and reading spaces separated by greenery and water. The large central courtyard, dominated by austere geometry and natural elements, determines the layout at this level. The granite floor is an extension of the interior, while the wood-clad roof is characterised by an organically shape oculus. This not only provides sunlight but allows the small, willowy trees planted there to rise up to the level of the next storey, creating a combination of water and foliage on the upper floor. This upper level houses the master bedrooms and some wellbeing zones, with the separation between the two original houses clear at this height. The overall harmony comes from the use of open and closed spaces, the materials, the alternation of framed views, the trees and plants inside the structure and the detailed design of the open areas. The bathrooms provide an excellent example of the rigorous approach in the interior. Here - as in the rest of the building - wood is predominant, coupled with the white of the walls and ceilings. For the taps, the designers turned to CEA collections, opting for the stainless steel option with a satin finish. The crisp lines of these taps are an ideal fit with the interior design, adding to the overall minimal, elegant design.

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