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Brickwork continuity

Private house
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The rolling Langhe hills, dotted with charming villages and noble vineyards, is perfectly captured through the glazing on this holiday house, designed by Studioata for a Dutch couple. With the Alps in the distance, the home nestles into the slope, looking out onto the landscape through a single glazed area. Divided into a living area, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a small utilities area, the house spreads across 110 sq m of minimalist, essential design that focuses the attention on the glazing and thus the exterior. The morphology was a determining factor in the design, as the steep slope left the roof so easily visible it became the fifth façade. Terreal SanMarco bricks were used for all surfaces, creating an imposing sense of continuity. The simple external volumes and elevations are marked by a seamless flow of bricks, modulated only through the playful use of decorations and shapes. The chimneys and large skylight create a sculpted roof, reminiscent of an architectural folly. The guest room is shielded by a perforated brick wall in a “Swiss cross” pattern so you can make out Cigliè Castle from within. On the main façade, facing Mondovì, even the door to the utilities room is camouflaged in a continuous brick design. Using bricks also on the roof adds uniformity, while creating an imposing effect in which the continuity extends from the roof to the walls, or vice versa. The nature of the design made the performance of the bricks fundamental. SanMarco soft-mud bricks were chosen, with a typical handmade look, to resist the numerous hot and cold cycles these horizontally laid bricks are subject to, looking good but also performing well. The exterior space plays a vital role in linking the house and the landscape, with a terrace constructed using larch trunks that follow the slope of the land to form steps leading down to the garden. A 3 m-high entrance portal in black coated iron, just off the road, frames the building. Finally, the warm hues of the Terrae Bespoke Blend option reflect the nuanced colors of the local landscape.


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