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Private Villa

Mountain Harmony and Balance

Locati Architects | Kendall Wilkinson Design

Edited By Redazione The Plan - 25 February 2020

The rugged, snow-capped mountains of Yellowstone Club in Big Sky (Montana) are the envious setting for this latest creation by Locati Architects, which worked closely with Highline Partners and - for the interiors -
Kendall Wilkinson Design. The project forges a knowing blend of traditional and contemporary architecture to produce a villa in which expansive glass walls visually and physically open up the house to the outdoors and frame the stunning landscape.

This ski home can accommodate up to 24 people, but despite the size, the clever arrangement of space, choices of materials and furnishings create living areas imbued with warmth and intimacy.

The glass walls flood the interior with natural light, further accentuating the connection between indoors and outdoors and making nature the true heart of this home.

Creating such expansive glazed walls required the use of ABX® Architectural Bronze doors and windows by Astec.

The company, based in Treviso but working closely with its partner Montana Sash & Door, has an exclusive extruded profile system in architectural bronze that was precisely what the designers were looking for. It provided a practical solution to an idea at the heart of the project brief: bring outdoor living into the house, creating connections between interior and exterior spaces.

ABX® D45 is a high performing thermal and structural range, properties that were key to creating the soaring doors, windows and glass walls envisaged by the architects, especially as this part of the world has rigid winters. The profiles are very thin, but this does not equate to small windows. In this project, large rectangular, triangular and pentagonal openings were used, accentuating the shapes of the building and drawing attention to the pitched roof.

The ABX® Architectural Bronze profiles also fit in seamlessly with the other materials chosen for the villa - stone and reclaimed wood - and bring a sense of airy lightness to the whole building.



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