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Private Villa

Transparent Connections

Grazia Ghetti e Corrado Venturini Architetti

Edited By Redazione The Plan - 25 February 2020

This two-story villa designed by Grazia Ghetti e Corrado Venturini Architetti nestles on the outskirts of the town of Faenza.

The basic design is a two-volume structure connected by a central section, with a large garden and a pool surrounding the whole building. The brief for the project emphasized connecting the interior living spaces and the private outdoor area. Achieving this was far from easy, but the architects turned to Edilpiù, which provided an essential integrated consultancy service for the architects right from the initial analysis phase through to the actual installation of the doors and windows. Edilpiù was founded in 1981 and soon became one of the first Italian firms to specialize in the distribution and sale of doors, windows and shutters, ensuring it gained a significant diversity of clients who looked to the company to find the ideal solution for their specific project. In this case, for the villa in Faenza, the choice of windows and doors was central to ensuring the project met the design brief. The large sections of glazed façade, especially in the zone looking onto the garden, were made with sliding aluminum doors with slender profiles and an integrated sunscreen system to filter out the sun’s rays as needed. To increase the use of the portico area overlooking the pool, it can be turned into a winter garden using foldable glazed doors to open up this space even in the cold months. Minimizing the energy footprint was also central to the design, striving for a zero-impact villa. Once again, achieving this required the right doors and windows that provide high levels of insulation and no thermal bridges.



Doors and windows:

Sliding doors: Minimal S.150TT and Tuttovetro Slide from Sunroom

Internal doors: Garofoli, 1TV glass RETE gold from Gidea, Nidio N00 from Flessya

Security entrance doors: Perseo from Silvelox, with a tiled external finish

Garage doors: Silvelox

Insulating presystem for windows: Alpac



via Piratello, 58/2 - I - 48022 Lugo (RA)

Tel. +39 0545 27222

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