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Villa Korsholmen

Villa Korsholmen
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The Strömsö islands in southern Finland are the setting for Villa Korsholmen, a holiday home designed by Joanna Maury-Ahola of JOARC. This seaside property is surrounded by a thick wood, in an oasis of seclusion and tranquillity. The single-storey house with a terrace uses glazed walls to create a sense of symbiosis with nature. In practical terms, such walls also maximise natural light year round, potentially being opened completely when the weather is good, while offering panoramic views when winter hits. Such nature-house dynamics are mirrored in the choices of materials and colours, which draw from the island’s abundance of wood and rock. The light hues of birch wood predominate inside, in the furnishings, ceiling and vertical divisions, contrasting with the dark natural stone of the flooring and cladding, especially the split stone laid in a brick pattern on the kitchen and living room walls. The same cladding is used for the Duravit Sundeck pool with whirl system in the bedroom, against the front windows that looks onto the terrace. The clean, crisp lines of Duravit can also be found in the bathrooms, with above-counter basins from the Vero collection providing an ideal solution to ensure more minimalism and comfort. A covered patio provides an additional eating and lounging area looking onto the wooden terraced areas extending towards the forest and seashore. Another whirlpool and a small pool bring water right onto the terrace, adding to the house-nature dynamics.

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