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Urban Inspired by VitrA

Edited By Redazione The Plan - 17 October 2013
In Rio where vast forests and civilization meets, wood surrounds and supplies its diverse cultures and cosmopolitan makeup so perfectly.
In Istanbul too, it is wood that created a dramatic architectural backdrop that impressed the Ottoman style on the city with the yali and konak and made it a metropolis that became something much more than simply a conquered Constantinople.
In London, concrete lent its strength to build up the capital of the industrial revolution, a thoroughly new material for a thoroughly new era of human existence.
In Berlin, modernity is represented by its metallic signature, a darkly gleaming statement.
In Moscow, the glossy appearance of marble and light colored stones delivers brightness and shine in a darker environments.
In Rome monuments tower impressively, timelessly, enduringly in stone providing a romance that endures.
As these metropolitan environments all adapt and endure in their signature skins, VitrA’s new Urban Inspired series will provide much needed versatility and adaptability to the environments you create and design providing lasting style and surprising flexibility. Welcome to porcelain that is so much more than what you might expect. Resembling wood, stone, concrete and metal, Urban Inspired reproduces the beauty of all these materials, yet injects them with new virtue for another era of design. Every great city has its own identity, its own skin. Urban Inspired reflects that DNA, bridging the space between yesterday’s materials and tomorrow’s evolving urban space.


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