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PwC Tower

Excellent Environmental Performance

Studio Libeskind

Edited By Redazione The Plan - 1 April 2020

The PwC Tower designed by Studio Libeskind is the third and final major addition on Piazza Tre Torri in the CityLife district of Milan. Having drawn inspiration from a sphere, the curved shape of the high rise has led to the building being known locally as the “Curve”. It is an ambitious architectural project that was made even more challenging by the fundamental importance placed on environmental sustainability and obtaining LEED Gold certification. This drive towards an environmentally friendly approach saw companies like Mapei being brought in, since eco-sustainability is at the heart of its business model. Rising 175 m, the PwC Tower is expressly designed to mirror how the consultancy firm operates, placing great importance on staff welfare and ever improving environmental performance. The building is now in the final stages of construction, but right from the creation of the foundations relentless attention has been placed on choosing the parts and materials because this was essential on the road to sustainable excellence. For example, Mapei Dynamon Xtend W300 R admixture proved to be crucial in the construction of the foundation slab as it made the cast concrete (5.890 m3) more fluid and easier to work with. Casting the foundation was an amazing feat, taking 30 straight hours during which three different teams each worked ten-hour shifts with Mapei’s Mobile Laboratory and experts from its Technical Assistance team on site. Since the admixture made the concrete easier to work with, less electric power was needed during mixing and casting, bringing additional carbon dioxide savings and also meaning less water had to be used. The combination of the environmental performance of each component in the structure, the installations and the technology used in building this tower were essential in reducing the consumption of water and power, and making the building process more sustainable.



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