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Edited By Rhinescheme - 11 December 2013
district is stored, re-used, slowed down and drained off. The lake is fed completely by rainwater. By this innovative system an expensive extension of the combined sewerage system could be avoided. The lake has its own natural biology and reduces temperature extremes and increasing outdoor comfort. A vast urban promenade winds through the site, with its focal point and simultaneously the most dramatic viewing point along the lakeshore front of Tianjin’s new Opera House. An ecological park, gardens, plazas, and terraces are surrounding the lake and connect visitors to fine and performing arts as well as science and history, to museums, theatres and library as well as a retail and youth centres. The landscape dedicated to promoting cultural pursuits also provides simple pleasures of sport and recreation including skating, picnicking and other opportunities for generations to interact. The award-winning design concept integrates intimately human-scaled spaces allowing visitors to the park to enjoy meditation in the quiet and serenity of the gardens. So, while the Culture Park is an international destination, it is designed with the people of Tianjin at its heart.
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