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as a ruin who gives our descendants traces, lining, brave architectural motions. This project takes care of energy conservation and use of natural resources, in compliance with the most recent Italian rules. We believe that buildings have to be pictured to resist to all challenges of progress. Consequently the new residential complex is finished with solar and home automation plants have been provided. We are pleased to imagine substantial changes of said plants in a next future without affecting negatively on the architectural image. Such attitude is typically European and is the one which has permitted preservation of a great historic architectural.The residential complex is composed by 30 modular units with hall, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, utility room and bathroom. All living spaces have view to the sea and a big terrace of about 2,20x8,00 to be used as summer living room. Modules can be joined in case the client needs a bigger house. Some apartments have a little private garden. All the apartments are gathered around the swimming pool and the common park. From swimming pool level it is possible to get to the beach by a private wainscotted lift.
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