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Behnisch Architekten, for a more sustainable future of the world

Behnisch Architekten

Participants Documentary: Stefan Behnisch, Stefan Rappold, Robert Matthew Noblett, Jörg Usinger, Robert Hösle

Participants Lecture: Stefan Behnisch


Behnisch Architekten was founded in 1989 as a branch office of Günter Behnisch‘s firm, Behnisch & Partner. The “Stadtbüro“, as this branch was called, developed under the leadership of Stefan Behnisch, and in 1991, it became an entirely independent firm, apart from Behnisch & Partner, with its own partnership structure and operations. Günter Behnisch continued to run his practice, Behnisch & Partner, until his retirement and the firm’s closure in 2005. For many years, Günter partnered with Stefan in the new office.

In 2005, after several changes in structure and name, the independent Stadtbüro adopted today’s name, Behnisch Architekten. Under Stefan Behnisch’s leadership, the firm has developed over the last 20 years into a successful international practice with offices in Stuttgart (since 1991), Los Angeles (1999-2011), Boston (since 2006), and Munich (since 2009). All three firms operate under the name of Behnisch

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