Train Station at Elmas Airport
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Train Station at Elmas Airport

Train Station at Elmas Airport
By Editorial Staff -
Italferr is the engineering company in the Italian railway group, FS Italiane. It is responsible for architectural and infrastructure design, tenders, the execution and supervision of work and project management for all the Group’s infrastructure investments in Italy and abroad. Rete Ferroviaria Italiana is part of the same group, but it is the infrastructure operator, making it responsible for running not only the tracks, but also the stations and facilities needed to guarantee efficiency, maintenance and safety. Italferr’s priorities include ensuring a positive synthesis between projects and the local area to optimise the use of local potential, while respecting existing natural, farming and urban order. It also focuses on improving viability by shifting the balance between both road and rail, and private and individual transport. Finally, it also targets new intermodal systems to ensure sustainable mobility. It is in the process of completing the Elmas-Airport stop on the Cagliari-Golfo Aranci line in the southern part of Sardinia. The new station will connect the airport to Cagliari and also to numerous other towns in the centre and north of the island.
The most notable feature of this station is the pedestrian link to the airport that was created by digging a trench 6.50m below ground level to link the station underpass with the arrivals hall. The creation of this station was done with great care to ensure it was inserted seamlessly into a context that had already seen major infrastructure work because of the airport. The flat areas between the railway line and the airport are crossed by drainage ditches and by the trench in which the railway line itself runs. As such, the latest addition is another “furrow” in the land that adds no additional volumes to the landscape. This focus on “camouflaging” the new structure is mirrored in the choice of materials. On the Cagliari side, the open path is bordered by a sinuous retaining wall reinforced with Sardinian red granite stones that blend into the coppery hue of the earth. On the other side, the materials, colours and shapes of the straight pathway provide a deliberate counterpoint, with moving walkways and an exposed concrete canopy that rests on inclined pillars, but is hidden from the ground-floor level by a green roof. The dual covered and uncovered path will provide travellers with protection from the rain and a pleasant temperature in summer.

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