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Showroom Lea & Flò?

Showroom Lea & Flò?
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Lea & Flò Palace is a new showroom for a clothing chain based in the Italian region of Abruzzo. The complex was created in a former warehouse that was, though, never actually used by the owner despite being built in 1995. The design drawn up by the Design? Studio Associato practice involved maintaining the original reinforced concrete structure with trusswork girders for the roof, but painting them dark grey and then, in conjunction with Promo, redoing the main facade to give the building a completely new identity. A large screen made of expanded aluminium panels painted white (RAL 9010) covers the main facade from the first floor up, placed at a slight angle to the actual building. By leaving the ground floor uncovered, it allows a clear view of the interior and a visual connection with the road. The slope of this facade creates an effective screen for projecting images from the fashion shows of the brands on display inside. In a similar vein, at night colours are used to light up and enliven the screen, making it more visible and appealing. The screen was attached to the existing building by creating a substructure of galvanised and coated horizontal girders that supports pre-coated roll-formed profiles to which the screen was riveted. The section of the building for the offices was clad in larch strips placed horizontally, providing protection from the sun for the west-facing rooms. The strips were mounted on panels using the same substructure as above, but on the outer side the pre-assembled larch panels were riveted to it. The strips are actually trapezoidal in shape to help rainwater runoff and to prevent any build-up of stagnant water. A double door that opens outwards and is flush with the facade was cut into the wooden cladding to provide access to the offices. Inside, a grid layout was adopted, centred on two right-angled “runways” that have reflective ceilings to make it possible, during fashion events, to project images onto the floor. The dark flooring and ceiling create a contrast with the white coated wooden display structures. For the reception, bar and utilities areas solid natural oak and iron were used to create deeper, darker hues.

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