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Complete comfort

Edited By Redazione The Plan - 4 April 2017

Always in EY’s new premises on Via Meravigli in Milan, by DEWG, workstations, meeting rooms and communal spaces were designed using a concept of complete wellness for the people who spend many hours each day there. Visual comfort was a defining factor in the choice of materials, colors and furnishing systems, favoring natural light filtered through large windows with expansive views of the city landscape. Such a choice obviously goes hand-in-hand with an equally important decision about sun-screening. And in this case, the optimal solution was Omnitex’s filtering blinds. Since environmentally friendly solutions were part of the design brief, the curtains were made from Verosol Enviroscreen fabric - antistatic and antibacterial - with an aluminum treatment on the outer side. The latter means the solar reflection coefficient exceeds or is equal to 74% and, regardless of the color chosen for the inner side, the transmission of visible light never exceeds 4%. It also helps with temperature control. The fabric is PVC free and has the prestigious Cradle to Cradle certification, which is environmental certification based on an analysis of the entire product life cycle. Over a 1,000 of these curtains, moved up and down using a cord, steel chain or motorized system, had to be made by Omnitex in only 60 days. 

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