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Eurovetro Recycling Headquarters

Functional, eco-sustainable cladding

Francesco Renoldi Architetto

Eurovetro Recycling Headquarters
By Editorial Staff -
Francesco Renoldi’s design for Eurovetro, an industry leader in glass waste recovery and recycling, truly expresses the identity and image of this firm based in the Varese province of northern Italy. The sharp, rigid design merges solidity and transparency to create industrial allusions with carefully chosen technical details, including the three different eco-sustainable materials for the envelope. Lapitec®, glass and aluminum define the geometry of the façade, building up from the base and across the ground floor to reach the upper levels, where the cladding creates a vertical sensation with the use of micro-perforated modular aluminum panels that have been heat coated to produce a dark burnished look. The panels differ in size, with the pattern edged by recessed elements and broken by large windows to create dynamism that disrupts the compact building geometry. On the ground floor, the large fixed windows are set slightly back from the façade, adding lightness and highlighting the use of the materials selected for the cladding and the Lapitec® base. The latter element not only raises the ground floor physically, but also foregrounds the use of shapes while also connecting the entrances at slightly different levels and, more generally, the different parts of the overall composition. The tapered pillar at the main entrance adds a sculpted touch to extend the base up to where the cladding for the upper floors commences. To create this, full-height panels measuring 3,365x1,500 mm were used, pushing the size limits of a Lapitec® slab. At the same time, the “tapering” of the floor plan creates an acute angle and a sharp edge that makes the structure less weighty and exalts the profile of the slab (only 12 mm). This material is used around the entire building and even continues across the floor, near the entrance, to create a section with a green insert that foregrounds this element, contrasting it with the more extensive industrial concrete flooring. The cladding for the base was done using 220 sq. m of Lapitec® Nero Antracite panels with an Arena finish. The layout was carefully designed so the panels could be as large as possible, minimizing any grouting or gaps. The coarse, structured Arena finish was a deliberate choice to provide a non-slip floor. The color was selected to enhance and exalt the chromatic contrast between the base, façade and glazing.
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