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Private house

Seaside transparency

Studio Iraci Architetti

Private house
By Editorial Staff -

Located south-east of Siracusa on the Italian island of Sicily, this villa was designed by Studio Iraci Architetti by taking the essence of the original structure - a rectangular built around four pillars - and by using contrasts between materials and light. The old volumes were emptied to make space for transparent architecture that continues into a garden gently smoothing the 6 m drop to the Mediterranean. The intriguing contrasts between materials on the façades create a tactile and visual blend of colors and surfaces in which the irregularity of the neutral hues of the local stone contrast with the cold smoothness of the concrete window frames and floors, and with the light transparency of the extensive glazing. The natural stone, also used for the garden terraces, stands in opposition to the rigid concrete finishes, but lightens in combination with the “wireframes” for the glazing, in a mix of solid and voids, interiors and exteriors, light and shade. The flat roof is the unifying element, supported by white glulam beams, with glazing in the living areas and external projections that form a pergola, turning an exterior section into a livable patio. In these sections, the beams cast precise geometric shadows on the floors in a defining pattern. Schüco’s range of aluminum options was essential to forge dynamic connections between house and garden, and consequently the surrounding nature reserve. Schüco worked with its premium partner in Catania, Sicilcima, to design and customize solutions that perfectly fitted the surfaces, without impinging on transparency and visibility. This involved the creation of sub-frames for the hinged doors and windows to hide the profiles. Stainless steel gaps were made in the floor for the sliding doors, while for the corners of these sliding doors, a special glass-glass joint was designed to minimize visual interference. The use of local materials and the typical Mediterranean garden help blend the structure into the landscape. The oasis of peace and serenity enjoyed inside the house is topped off by the Ionian Sea views, regardless of the season.


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