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Redevelopment of Viale della Repubblica

Federico Gessi

22 October 2015

Redevelopment of Viale della Repubblica - The Viale della Repubblica was born in the year 1883 as the first avenue during the expansion of the city towards the sea, the natural continuation of the ancient Roman decumanus, linking the city's historic center and the first bathing establishment (Kursaal), a building demolished and replaced in the 70s whit the "Big sphere" created by the international artist Arnaldo Pomodoro.
The project is therefore the will of the Municipal Administration to restore the roadway to its original splendor, eliminating all architectural barriers created in the time, even food the architectural appearance to the new sea-front obtained with the recent restyling of the Piazzale della Libertà and surrounding areas (2010). The Avenue was, and still is, the main urban centre-sea axis and has maintained anyway its historical connotation given precisely by its centrality, and it is this aspect that suggested the choice of a structure important for new LED lighting system (“Escape” series by AEC-Illuminazione), a “Big sculpture” made up slim but towering street lamps (the project also included the repaving of sidewalks with lava stone, the construction of a cycle path and a tactile path for visually impaired). The shape of the poles, clean, but at the same time fluid and dynamic, is born from sculptural experiments of the designer and the use he do of steel, folded in different conformations, and the vegetation, thick and dark, inspired the bold shape projected towards the road, and pushed to use white as the main color.
The new LED lighting system (colour temperature 3200k) replaced the old made up the high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide floodlights with a total power savings equal to 70%; also the value of CRI increased from 60 to 85 making very pleasant the walk.
The luminaire is the result of a "relamping" by wiring a series of standard and innovative 9 LED modules called “Tabled"; on each item has been fitted a flow regulator remote controlled, which makes the light system extremely powerful, especially at the night.
So the project wanted to add a contemporary identity to this historic avenue, an avenue facing to the sea, and so to the future ...

Federico Gessi - Born in 1973 in Italy, graduated in 2000 in the Faculty of Engineering at “Politecnico delle Marche” in Ancona. Federico Gessi is not only an engineer, but also a designer, craftsman and sculptor working in the fields of architecture and urban design, based in Pesaro, Italy.
He opened his own design studio in Pesaro in 2001 and has since designed and built "everything", from
residential building to public space, from showroom to cemetery, preferring the use of steel as main material.
So it can happen that Federico Gessi drawings fine but towering street lamps by lines almost zoomorphic to populate the open spaces of the city and stylish little sculptures simply to hang on the domestic walls. This occur with absolute continuity of design and materials used, making it clear that there is no gap between the design of a functional object and that of an artistic creation.

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