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Red stone house

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Edited By 3ndy Studio - 5 December 2013
The main feature of the entire project is the use of "Stone Wood" a quartzite from India, so named for the horizontal streaks and red-burnished that recalls the color and texture of natural wood. This material covers all of the exterior walls and conveys the house the appearance of mysterious and zen. The house falls in energy class A and uses more than 50% of energy consumption renewable energy sources. The flat roof of the house has been designed in order to minimize the impact on the territory, and at the same time accommodate photovoltaic panels and solar. This house represents for us designers and for the client a brave decision of making architecture without falling into the temptation of property speculation, which has driven venetian countries to the degradation. We often live in and generate squares like bee hives and houses for a lot of people but with no individuality.
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