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Edited By Editorial Staff - 8 April 2010
Procter & Gamble’s Rome offices have recently moved to a new building designed by Franco Purini in the urban development site called “Business Park Europarco”.
Progetto CMR looked after the internal design, using an open-plan layout for most of the workstations, in accordance with the mother firm’s recommendation for extreme transparency: the aim is to optimize layout and maximize relations among people with similar or connected roles. The meeting-room walls are largely in glass and fully ‘see-through’. The whole open plan gains natural light from broad window surfaces. The façade of the building is curtain-walled on the outside. Inside, the project for screening came from Omnitex whose idea was to use different kinds of screen according to the purpose of the environment. In the open-space office areas they fitted chain-operated servospring roller blinds in Polyester + PVC screening material with an opening factor of 3%, which is the perfect ratio between yield and user flexibility. The Board Room is equipped with automatic radio-frequency-controlled blinds, while the tele-conference room is fully darkened in line with certification standards. Lastly, for the meeting-room the blinds employed have a limited opening factor (1%) so as to optimize screen/projection viewing, cutting out reflection but not darkening altogether.

Via Francesco Ferrucci, 6
I - 20145 Milano
Tel. +39 02 3492666
Fax +39 02 34931432
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