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30 October 2015

This home in the hills around Bologna uses high quality materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal living comfort.
The hilly location offers a sweeping view and the exterior spaces of the villa open onto the landscape, becoming true extensions of the house, especially in the warmer months.
This internal-external dynamic is partially created through a large, full-height glazed sliding door from Essenza. It is frameless, helping reducing any visual and spatial limitations and allowing extra natural light into the living area. In winter, it ensures the view can still be enjoyed, through the closed door.
The lift and slide door, with two sliding sections, is very easy to use and measures 4 metres wide by 2 metres high. The oxidised aluminium profile with a thermal break is glued between two panes of reflective glass and concealed using screen printing on two sides; in this case, it has a black finish. This solution not only offers excellent sound and thermal insulation, but also exalts the transparency, fitting in superbly with the essential, minimalist style of the house.


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