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Special interventions for Restoration Works

Special interventions for Restoration Works
By Editorial Staff -

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing architects and designers when working in age-old cities is blending the ancient and the contemporary. Technology is fundamental in forging that balance, often only achievable using innovative solutions, between function, performance and respect for the past. Gruppo Simeon not only provides know-how and support for project designers working on new developments, but also for those busy with regeneration and restoration projects, regardless of the scale. The Nantes Museum of Art was completely overhauled, restored and extended by Stanton Williams Architects. As part of this, Simeon installed a panoramic lift and all-glass display cases by the entrance in the original building. Then, for the new additions, Simeon developed, tested and built tailor-made glass-roofs, point-fixed doors, a cable façade and fixtures, and a steel-and-glass extension. This highly visible façade has T-shaped steel cross-beams supported by pre-tensioned cables and an infill of double-glazing with an embedded marble layer that brings a translucent hue to the façade. #cloud.paris is a project by Philippe Chiambaretta Architecte to renovate a series of historical buildings in Paris (38,000 sq.m in total) and create a business park with spaces for work and relaxation. The complex is centered on a lobby and it features different types of façade - single- and double-skin (including with curved glass) -, point-fixed openings, and a glass roof that covers the lobby and creates a very comfortable environment. The project by Archea Associati focused on restoring a wine warehouse, along the seafront in Trieste, to create a space that will house a leading Italian food store, Eataly. The design preserves the original volume by emptying the interior and adds a completely new, four-floor building. Cor-ten and glass are at the heart of this new ethereal volume in which the double-glazed infill with an integrated metal mesh is inserted inside the layered glass to produce a shimmering effect for the envelope. The choice of materials for the envelopes had to be carefully researched, adopting unconventional solutions specifically designed for this building.

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