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Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni Headquarters

Open Project

Edited By Francesco Pagliari - 8 January 2010
The new Bologna headquarters of Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni lies parallel to the main road, via Emilia Ponente. The 10-storey building, oriented in an east-west direction, is set back from the busy thoroughfare and separated from it by three small, simple constructions that serve as buffers to the outside world and accommodate semi-public functions: the entrance and porter’s lodge, and a multi-purpose meeting and showroom. The differentiated façades of the main building embody the dialogue between the various requirements of the new corporate building: its daytime function and night time appearance; technology demands and the need to project the company image.
The structural glazed north façade overlooking Via Emilia accentuates the theme of transparency. The other curtain wall façades have an outer envelope of large, gloss-finish, elongated titanium-zinc panels. All three façades are punctuated by narrow, horizontal or vertical window strips. The contrast of reflective and transparent surfaces is completed by the cladding of the base: a seamless horizontal stretch of matte black grès
slabs. The ancillary buildings are clad in the same fashion. At night the opaque building plinth makes the building seem detached from the ground. The cantilevered section on the west head of the building is a signature construction feature. It is braced by the last series of columns that join the oblique pillars stretching across the full height of the building.

Francesco Pagliari

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