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Nef New York

Perkins+Will | Nef

27 October 2015

Envisioned as a new type of development specifically tailored to the increasingly dense New York City urban context, and Nef’s unique branded amenties, the development rises as a slender tower draped in a unique and shimmering angled curtain to create an iconic presence on the Manhattan skyline.
Comprised entirely of multi-family residential condominiums, and a unique configuration of amenity spaces, the tower stands over 60 stories and 700’ tall.
Unlike conventional New York City developments where park & amenity spaces are clustered at either the bottom, the top, or midway through the building, Perkins and Will equally spaced clusters throughout the development to create 5 unique, but interconnected social/ community blocks to foster a vertical urban community. Arranged as a series of overlapping, angled, and diverse spaces, all open air gardens are located no more than 4 floors away from any given unit. The idea is to create a new kind of communal eco-system of social relationships, within thin tower design, by responding specifically to the sites context and to Nef’s vision. As a simple response to conventional residential design where small semi unusable balconies are placed on developments, each community terrace is designed by conceptually consolidating those balconies into larger more social and interactive spaces. Each community space features a variety of amenities: event rooms, a chef’s table, private yoga studio, art room, exterior Jacuzzi, fitness room, terraced gardens, an outdoor cinema, observatory, and an infinity pool/ roof terrace at the top.
With careful attention to each terraces enclosure the exterior area for each does not count against the projects overall zoned floor to area ratio, while simultaneously controlling wind speeds for comfortable, leisure spaces.
As a unique response to New York City by integrating the elements of a diverse urban landscape and various mixturesof city life, all within essential elements of park/ green space like no other tower in the city, this major new project not only creates a modern example of a dynamic, iconic, and sustainable building, but also a beacon of ideal urban development.


Nef is a unique real estate brand working not in square-metres but in square-centimetres. Nef’s aim is to be a brand that designs finely thought-out, quality living spaces. In order to create life-giving and indispensible oeuvres just like the breath we take, Nef is engaged in a number of lifestyle and design projects.
With its 7 series for homes, offices, suites, apartments, flats, dorms and residences, Nef produces projects that are distinct. With its projects and patented inventions such as Foldhome and Foldoffice, Nef appears at world design fairs since 2011 alongside the products of the world’s most important designer. Nef’s objective is to make design no longer a luxury, but rather an essential part of people’s daily life.
Patented by Nef, the firm’s FOLDHOME system, which is built into each of its projects enables tenants to purchase a single-bedroom flat, while having access to shared public amenities that extends their personal space into what is virtually a 24-room, 24-hour-a-day house.For example, will include interiors ranging from a roof garden grill, an artificial ski run and open-air cinema to a Playstation room, cigar and wine tasting den and observatory. Each space is designed by a different studio and hosts services that will change according to the needs and habits of the inhabitants of each property.

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