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Ettore Fico Museum
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The Ettore Fico Museum is another example of an industrial archeology restoration in Turin. The brief, entrusted to Alex Cepernich, was to overhaul an old INCET plant, turning a total area of 2,000 sq.m into a complex with 1,100 sq.m to host temporary exhibitions and a permanent collection of roughly 5,000 works by the painter Ettore Fico. The road-facing elevation looks out at the city like an enormous dark stage backdrop. The interior is radically different, with pure white contrasted against sections of exposed reinforced concrete, a clear reminder of the building’s industrial past and a seamless extension of the vaulted ceiling and extensions of glazing. The museum consists of a series of linked spaces and volumes, forming a harmonious circular display route through the core of the main structure, in a crescendo of light and perspective. The desire to exalt both the building’s industrial structure and the fluid, dynamic organization of the museum led to Targetti lighting being used. The company specializes in architectural lighting and has proven experience in museums, meaning it was a decision to guarantee optimal use and presentation of the architecture, the fittings and, ultimately, the actual artworks. The corridor walls are integral to the exhibition so LEDÒ professional adjustable LED projectors were selected. Mounted on tracks on the slightly lowered plasterboard ceiling, these lights provide soft bands of glare-free light. An LED strip was then installed in the false ceiling to gently light the walls and soften any contrasts. The display route moves on to the first stairwell, where the light filters down from above, and up to the second floor, touched by a surreal sense with natural light flooding in through the ribbon windows. Once again LEDÒ was chosen, mounted on suspended tracks, to gently light the artworks. The LED light sources in the LEDÒ projectors reproduce colors superbly, but leave the paintings unharmed as they do not emit infra-red or ultraviolet rays.

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