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Liberty Square

Rechner Architects

22 October 2015

Liberty Square - Analysis. Liberty Square is a square within residential - commercial block, a true pedestrian square separated from traffic. It is located in the center of Osijek, about two hundred meters from the main square. In the north it is bounded by the parade ground which is the main pedestrian street, in the south by Croatian Republic Street which is the main traffic street, and by buildings in the west and east.
In spatial and functional sense, square area is characterized by longitude, its length is over 250m spatially divided into 5 smaller zones, and strong frequency. Before reconstruction, except for deterioration, the square had also had a lack of content, as well as lack of points to stay at and larger compact space, while the purpose and appearance were in discord with contemporary urban needs.
Concept – Solution: The basic conception has derived from existing shortcomings and acquired memory of space, as well as the need to introduce new contemporary space organization.
Square is perceived as 5-related zones, where each of them has its own character and spatial sensibility, but using together their new functional and form characteristics they create a new urban identity, the new Liberty Square. General features are modernity, dynamism and strong colours.
1st. zone is realized as intimate floral oasis in the city center as a place for reflection and relaxation. There are located large fields of permanent colorful flowers and low trees. Along the central articulation there is a statue of composer Franjo Krežma, who received the audio backdrop, so visitors resting next to him could hear his pleasant music.
2nd. zone, which is on two levels in relation to the rest of the area, is characterized by frequency, multisite availability, and intimacy. This space is ideal for central sculpture.
3rd. zone is the center of attraction and retention of people during the day. There are info panels, a glass-enclosed pavilion for trade and self-cleaning public toilets, an interactive urban game, a rubber playground, large 3D climbing letters, space for relaxation with a waterfall wall, and a large terrace with a glass-enclosed pavilion of town pastry.
4th. zone is a large central area adequate for organization of different events that attract large number of people, from concerts over humanitarian activities to city ceremonies. This area is bounded by the pavilion of town pastry in the north, alley in the east, floor fountain in the west, whereas marquee, a sculpture made of pvc membrane, dominates in the south. New alley in the east of the square besides ambient and visual value has also functional role which is to create shade to showcases of commercial space on the ground floor.
5th. zone is mini park in the city center. Curved articulation between the trees and permanent ornamental flowers have enabled enjoyment of the shade and natural environment. Special attention is paid to nocturnal image as well as diurnal image. All lighting, major, secondary and ambient is rgb led dimming, which enables different light effects, color changes according to the seasons or the events in the square. Thus, orchestra and urban furniture during the day and lighting at night reached extraordinary dynamism and attractiveness of the area at all times, and have very positive impression of the citizens.

Rechner Architects - Predrag Rechner, architect, Bruno Rechner, architect
Company Rechner d.o.o. Osijek was founded in the year 1991. Main activity is architectural design, consulting, engineering and design.
Our projects have been exhibited and presented to both, domestic and international exhibitions and magazines, result of which is the first prize awarded ten times in different architectural competitions. Numerous students and architects visit our realizations for professional training and study of contemporary architecture.
Awards: International award for architectural excellence and innovation:
Trimo Architectural Award 2012, Slovenia
Nominations for world architectural awards:
A+ Archtizer Award 2013, USA
World Architecture Festival Award 2012, Singapore

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