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22 October 2015

Leica Camera AG - The new building with its curved façade is arranged together with two existing buildings, photo-optical affiliated companies of Leica, and a freestanding coffeehouse along a representative central plaza. The entry to the complex as well as the main access to all buildings is done from the square. Alternating ground materials at the square take up the basic theme of the circle connecting the parts of the building. Aesthetic light columns equipped with metal halide modules and modules incorporating monitoring cameras are arranged along the circular lines creating a comfortable and safe atmosphere during darkness. In addition, trees are illuminated by energy-efficient LED in-ground luminaires. Freestanding curved walls that serve as temporary exhibition areas for black-and-white photos are uniformly illuminated by in-ground wallwashers. The concrete facades of both existing buildings are slightly illuminated by LED in-ground luminaires contributing to an outstanding and inviting appearance of the square.
Employees as well as visitors and inhabitants of Wetzlar are invited to dwell at the Leica Café. Following the architectural concept with its slim pillars the freestanding modern building is illuminated by dimmable tubular LED pendant lights that let the café appear through its fully glazed façade in a warm and inviting light. The basement comprises storage and restrooms that are lit by warm white LED downlights with satinised glass cover providing a soft and glare-free light distribution.
The entire complex including an exhibition hall, a museum, flagship store with photo studio, a restaurant, production areas and offices is shaped like a lens or even like a roll of film when the building is taken as a whole. During darkness the façade along the ground floor appears as a shinning ribbon which emphasizes together with the lit plaza, the illuminated coffeehouse and lit up facade of the existing buildings the uniqueness and individuality of the place.
The main entrance of the new corporate headquarters is faced to the plaza and dimmable round ceiling-recessed LED luminaires with diffuse light distribution generate the impression of photo lenses. The adjacent entrance and exhibition hall is characterized by a wide skylight that allows as much as daylight coming into the space. Dimmable warm white LED track lights that are mounted on the ceiling structure give the opportunity to implement different light scenes according to varying requirements at the exhibition area. Certain track lights for general lighting are equipped with cold white LEDs enabling the adaption of the colour temperature according to the time of the day. Track lights with LEDs emitting warm light and with varying light distributions give accents to freestanding display cases and temporary exhibition walls. Additionally, all freestanding table display cases,

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freestanding display walls and show cases that are mounted along the revolving walls have integrated LED light sources giving accents on historic cameras, lenses, telescopes and optical accessories. Furthermore, a selection of iconic black and white photos is exhibited in backlit wall displays. Referring to the overall concept of a shinning ribbon, the revolving walls are illuminated homogenously by dimmable LED wallwashers enabling a flexible utilization as exhibition space for photographs and other images.
Next to the gallery a black painted long hallway without daylight and dimmed artificial light gives the visitor the opportunity to look into the high-tech production area. Integrated touch screens at the windows facing to the dust-free rooms provide additional information on the manufacturing of the optical products. Besides, long freestanding display cases with integrated LED modules show a wide range of historical and innovative state-of-the-art Leica products. After passing that area the visitor is guided through a narrow curved corridor with wall-mounted display cases showing binoculars and pointing telescopes.
After passing that area the experiential path through Leica´s history and current productions takes the visitor back to the main entrance and exhibition hall. The lighting of the adjacent flagship store is characterized by dimmable LED track lights that can be relocated and adjusted as required. Freestanding wall elements incorporate display cases with integrated LED lighting facing to the store and provide exhibition space for photos and portraits of employees on the other side of the wall which is directed towards the fully-glazed façade. All currently available high-end products of Leica Camera AG are exhibited at the show cases and can be purchased at the shop. The back area of the store provides a small library with illuminated bookshelves and a lounge area which is characterized by decorative pendant lights. A fully-equipped photo studio in the center of the flagship store is utilized for professional photo shoots and as teaching space for the Leica Academy.
The administration and customer care areas at the upper level are accessible by a sculptural spiral staircase that is lit by adjustable ceiling-integrated LED luminaires.
Only a few colours and materials, black, white and steel, appear on the interior of the building with its aesthetic and modern architectural shapes. The architectural concept helps focusing on the essentials and reflects the ethos of the company – paying attention to details, precision and design. An unobtrusive lighting concept supports the architectural idea in an appropriate way contributing to the uniqueness and individuality of the place.

Lichtvision Design - Isabel Sternkopf (Lichtvision)

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