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Edited By Redazione The Plan - 18 October 2016

LAMINAM 12mm-thick, 1620x3240mm ceramic slabs to be used as the preferred material for horizontal surfaces, from tables to bathroom tops and kitchen countertops, offering an alternative to materials such as marble and stone with a higher cost and environmental impact.

OUTDOOR USE - The pure natural surfaces of LAMINAM ceramic slabs make them perfect for outdoor environments, as the preferred material for outdoor horizontal surfaces and tables. In fact, the material reaches its full potential in an outdoor setting, offering excellent resistance:
• against UV rays (the chromatic properties do not change when exposed to sunlight)
• against low and high temperatures (frost-proof)
• against humidity (does not change in size)

INDOOR USE - The stability of the material and high resistance combine with other fundamental properties of the LAMINAM ceramic slab, making it an excellent material for all indoor horizontal surfaces, from tables to bathroom tops and kitchen countertops.
The LAMINAM surface passes the most stringent tests as demonstration of its excellence, thus allowing the direct use on ceramic material of blades, food and chemical products. In addition to its inherently hygienic nature, the Laminam ceramic slabs do not release elements in solution, therefore they are completely food-safe and resistant:
• against scratches and deep cuts
• against the onset of mould and fungi
• against stains, even the most stubborn such as wine, coffee, lemon and olive oil
• against chemical products such as acids, bases, solvents and disinfectants, which do not cause the properties of the slabs to change

The 1620x3240x12mm slabs combine the excellent properties of the material with a strong and sculpted look.
Proposed in 5 collections inspired by elements such as concrete, marble, wood, iron and solid backgrounds that combine the charm of yesterday with the language of today, the 1620x3240x12mm series offers a total of 29 surfaces for creating truly evocative atmospheres.

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