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Thrudesign Laboratory

Highly durable floors

Edited By Redazione The Plan - 4 April 2017

Thrudesign is a Beijing-based company that designs and produces natural-wood furnishings. It also has a specific laboratory for wood design and processing where a team of highly qualified designers and engineers offer high-level courses to help people with every project stage, from the original idea to the concrete realization. The laboratory was designed using a minimal, essential approach. A concrete floor for the stairs (120 sq m) and the entire upper floor (300 sq m) creates a sense of uniformity, a connecting element that provides an aesthetically pleasing and durable neutral base. Mapei was chosen to supply the materials and lay the flooring. It opted for Ultratop and Ultratop Loft, self-levelling products for concrete floors in civil and industrial buildings. The stairs were covered with two layers of Ultratop Loft F, a trowellable cementitious paste designed for creating decorative floors with a brushed or mottled look. This flooring continues on the upper level with a coating of the self-levelling, ultra-quick hardening Ultratop, which is excellent for floors that must be highly abrasion resistant. Used “rough”, Ultratop is excellent for industrial flooring, while “smoothed”, as in this case, it can be used in more refined settings, like showrooms, offices and apartments. Its abrasion resistance made it especially suitable for this setting because it is relatively resistant to the scratching caused by moving the machinery and materials required in the laboratory.

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