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Benthem Crouwel Architekten

By Benthem Crouwel Architekten -

The project started as a won competition for the redevelopment of the “Zentralplatz”. The program included approximately 20.000 m² of retail space, urban functions and a 6.000 m² square. The complete program is split into two volumes, separated by the Zentralplatz. This separation of functions allows for two autonomous and highly functional buildings, which can develop long-term and independently. Because of the precise positioning of the buildings and their outline, the pedestrian flows are organized in an effective and logical way. The Kulturbau houses the public library, the Mittelrhein Museum and the tourist information of Koblenz, with their ‘Zentrum der Rheinromantik’. The combination of these different cultural institutions offers the chance to exploit the synergies between the various institutions. The cultural building stands solitary in the new central square and is a landmark due to this solitary character, its facade design and the conscious elevation in the city. The building has splendid accessibility for visitors; the central lobby has entrances from all sides and is therefore a natural part of the urban fabric.
On the open square, the three functions each have their own entrance. Via prominent access elements like the spiral staircases (museum and tourist information) and the escalator (library), the institutions can be reached. Above the common ground floor area, the different functions overlap each other per floor. The permanent exhibition of the Mittelrhein Museum occupies the first floor. The library is located on floor two, four and five, with direct access to the roof terrace. The 30 meters high open space inside connects the institutions vertically, brings day light deep into the building and offers a variety of outlooks.
The volume has a double facade with a Structural-Glazing construction of white silk-screened glass, which envelops the building like a second skin and offers a frosted and refined appearance. The motif of the print provides a filtered view from inside to outside, and allows a vaguely transparent view when looking from the outside in.  At the different entrances, the outer facade has a spacious cut and therefore offers a direct view of the lobby and entrance areas.

Benthem Crouwel Architekten

Location: Koblenz, Germany
Client: Forum Mittelrhein Koblenz
Completion: 2013
Gross Floor Area: 18.600 m
Architects: Benthem Crouwel Architekten
Design Team: Markus Sporer, Marcel Blom, Anna Gerlach, Noortje ter Heege, Tina Kortmann, Sascha Rullkötter, Cornelius Wens, Sander Vijgen, Benedikt Krienen, Anna Böll, Frank Deltrap
Contractor: Züblin

IDN Ingenieure
Mechanical: Technic Air
Fire Safety: HHP West

Photography: © Thomas Eicken

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