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Industria Poliuretanica Montecosaro

Industria Poliuretanica Montecosaro
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Industria Poliuretanica Montecosaro’s new footwear plant was designed by Giuliano Galassi and stands alone, with two above-ground floors and a basement level. The ground floor houses the manufacturing areas and related services, the infirmary and some offices. The remaining offices are on the first floor, along with some meeting and other rooms. The basement level is used for storage.
Promo played a part in the design and creation of this building that combines typically industrial construction technologies - a load bearing structure and solid panels made of prestressed concrete - with the use of materials like steel, Trespa panels and large glazed areas. The front develops horizontally and is defined by the colour combinations and the use of solids and voids. Structural elements determine the rhythm of the edifice, leading to a large, dark red portal in the centre that frames and emphasises the sizeable glass entrance. Each wing ends in a semi-circular section with a glass canopy supported by a painted steel structure designed to resemble the merlons on a tower. Inside, the full-height entrance foyer is dominated by a semi-circular gallery with a crystal floor. A double flight of stairs leads up to this structure, with wenge used for both the treads and the handrail, while guy-wire connects the thin metal bannisters. Luminosity and transparency are catchwords for the design, ensuring internal comfort for the work areas, reducing the need for artificial lighting and providing a visual connection with the exterior. The office partitions were made with glazed walls that have etched central sections to balance luminosity and privacy.

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