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Hotel La Réserve Eden au Lac

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Philippe Starck

Hotel La Réserve Eden au Lac
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Hotel La Réserve Eden au Lac in Zurich nestles on the lake shore, the fruit of a comprehensive revamping of Hotel Eden au Lac by Philippe Starck. The complex is perhaps best described as a yacht club, with two restaurants and 40 rooms and suites. The Elements radiators by Tubes, in the Soho model, are an integral part of the very elegant design. They fit seamlessly into the rooms and spaces with their essential forms ensuring they break free of their fundamentally technical role to become design and furnishing pieces in themselves, even with their own accessories, such as towel racks or chrome-plated hooks. The choice of Soho model was especially apt for this project as, by customizing the heights, number of elements and anodized finish, these radiators merge seamlessly into these modern rooms, but without having an impact on the old walls. On this front, the customized installation system was also important as it meant these iconic radiators could be attached to the walls of the hotel without tarnishing the original structure, but greatly increasing guest comfort. Designed for Tubes by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Soho radiators are made of recyclable material and come in free-standing, vertical and horizontal versions, ensuring any environment can be heated easily. Since these radiators guarantee low energy consumption and 80% less water usage than a traditional multi-column system (at the same output), they are an excellent option for class A, B and passive houses.



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