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Hotel in AEV Terraglio District

Studio Architetti Mar

Edited By Francesco Pagliari - 1 June 2011

The hotel stands in the AEV Terraglio District, a site bordering the Venice-Mestre ring road and containing another four building blocks grouped around a central square: three one- or two-storey buildings clad in dark-grey titanium zinc, and a transparent tower for commercial and management purposes rising to twelve storeys.
The hotel is formed of two main interconnected blocks: the hotel proper, a compact nine-storey building, and a low-rise plinth-style structure facing onto the square and housing lecture rooms and a restaurant – this last being connected indoors but with separate entrances from a courtyard.
The layout of the nine hotel floors is: on the ground floor the foyer, breakfast room and services (toilet facilities, and changing rooms for hotel staff); first floor hotel management offices; floors 2 to 9 guest rooms to a total of 128. Each guest floor has its service room. The technical plants are housed on the roof.
The main entrance faces north and is adorned by a cantilever roof clad in micro-perforated titanium zinc sheeting. The service entrances give onto the back yard.
Dark-grey titanium zinc, used as a cladding material and picking up on the surrounding buildings’ façade motifs, lines the groundfloor north and south elevations and the roof (where it masks the technical installations); it forms a smooth plain backdrop to the light-coloured guest quarters whose south-east façade is clad in silvery aluminium panelling.
Each panel bends in and out irregularly, setting up a play of light and shade which counters and breaks up the uniform window rows. The aluminium lining changes intensity as the sunlight shifts across it throughout the day or the weather changes. On a clear day it shines a silvery white; by night is goes a deep dark grey.
The whole site layout includes broad central pedestrian areas, a central square and a network of vehicle access drives with parking lots in the perimeter area. Apart from these dedicated outlying lots, there are parking facilities beneath the hotel, from which staircases inside the building lead up to exits at square level.

Francesco Pagliari