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Hotel Corte Valier

Hotel Corte Valier
By Redazione The Plan -
Fedigroli Costruzioni started out in the early twentieth century as a small-time building concern. It then burgeoned with postwar reconstruction work and has gone on growing ever since, its wealth of experience enabling it nowadays to tackle all styles of building including industrial, commercial, residential, tourism/hotels, sports and rehabilitation centres. The company has two broad divisions: the technical side and administration. All phases of a project are directly supervised by management, with particular attention to site management where its technical office will liaise over building decisions right from the planning-board stage. The prime goals of the company are to ensure quality of construction work, cut down delivery times and maximise customer satisfaction. This is made possible by planning the site right from the word go and by a monthly review of deadlines and the budgetary position together with the client and architect. One of the firm’s most recent projects has been the Hotel Corte Valier at Lazise, designed by Stefano Feriotti. This hotel complex stands in an expanse of greenery overlooking Lake Garda. With its 84 guest rooms and many services – a wellness area, indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness area and a conference centre – the priority for the hotel was energy saving via choice of the appropriate materials and technology. The walls are in facing brick, doors and windows in wood as are the sunscreens protecting the balconies that go with the guest rooms. For the roof Rheinzink was chosen. The outside effect is of great uniformity of colour, helping the building to blend into the delicate lakeside setting. The range of indoor materials was likewise restricted (wood, marble, granite) as were the colour schemes. This provides uniformity, though to personalise areas it proved necessary to play with different formats of cladding. The challenge with such a complex and large-scale hotel project was to give the customers the right solutions to their own managerial needs whilst coping with the restraints imposed by function and architecture, utility systems and planning regulations. Fedrigoli’s experience of similar building schemes made it possible to combine all these project requirements and variables into a well-balanced overall result.

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