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Green Residence

Arkitektfirmaet Knut Kolstø

Green Residence
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Green Residence nestles in the coastal Rogaland region, in south-west Norway. It has about 100 family units and the services that are required for such communities, including schools and shops. The complex is on slope that runs gently down to the water below. The homes have wonderful views of the landscape and merge seamlessly into the surrounding nature. The weather in these parts is cold and damp throughout the long winters. To ensure living comfort and energy savings, the homes were designed using eco-sustainable criteria, including adequate wall insulation. 

Consequently, the façades have a thermal insulation coating that uses Mapei’s Mapetherm system. First, Mapetherm AR1 GG cementious adhesive was spread evenly across the panels to ensure continuous adhesion. A reinforced skim coat was added, using a Mapetherm NET alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh and then applying two coats of Mapetherm AR1 GG for a final thickness of 4 - 5 mm. Once the concrete smoothing had been done, it was given a protective undercoating using Silancolor Base Coat and then Silancolor Tonachino, a silicon resin based plaster, was applied for its excellent water repellence and vapor permeability.  



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