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Foundation Riccardo Catella

Foundation Riccardo Catella
By Redazione The Plan -
The headquarters of the Riccardo Catella Foundation in Milan’s Isola district sets out to be a new kind of social and cultural facility for the city, with display areas, meeting rooms and recreation rooms. The original building, dating from the end of the nineteenth century, was used as a railway store; over the twentieth century it served as a cinema set and contemporary art laboratory. The refurbishing project has kept the layout, adapting the existing spaces to its intended functions. When the new public garden is complete, the building will tie up with the future town amenity known as “Porta Nuova Gardens”.
Omnitex under Coima supervision was responsible for the inside sun shields. The systems they proposed and designed were dual-purpose blinds, filter and black-out, in which both functions co-exist: natural light is exploited to the full, bringing an energy saving whilst avoiding disturbance from glare and reflection.
The option of blacking out the room is used when videos are being projected. Blind anchorage varies from room to room and window to window, as do the custom-built interface supports. The fabrics chosen for the Verosol line are in PVC-free Polyester, backed on the outer face by highly non-reflective aluminium threads.

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